… The Act of Being Whoremotional

Introducing WhorEMOtions! September 3, 2008

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How this blog came about ….

One day the roomie and i were driving on the 405 (the infamous 405 photoshoot day) and she had burned a CD for the event. I have no idea how many other people do this but years later i can pop in some CD i burned and tell you EXACTLY how i was feeling the day i made it based on the song list on said CD. The second the roomies CD started playing i looked her and said “Are all of these songs going to be whore-motional?” to which she replied … “That’s what we should name our blog!”

You see we had been talking about doing a blog for awhile …aside from the fact we need our own reality show, we mostly need a place to vent. We are both 20 somethings (me being the older of the two) who happen to work in porn ::insert gasp of shock and horror here:: No no ..not as girls who have sex on camera but at super exciting desk jobs. Being in your mid-late 20’s, single and living in LA has enough problems… throw in the fact we workin porn and we have enough issues between the two of us to give national geographic a run for their money! We figured our trials and tribulations would make a lot of people laugh and prevent us from slitting our wrists.

Whoremotions (V) – To be whoremotional, to listen to sappy music, to think fairytales do come true, to be so sensative at a moment the gays get mad at you for invading their turf, to wish your lawn was EMO so it would cut itself, drama queen, etc.

So there you have it..the birth of Whoremotions!


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