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Victim of the Taxi Cab Light September 12, 2008

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Being an avid watcher of Sex and the City when it was on and even now for the re-runs on TBS (plus many of my friends have that awesome box set!…you know the one that comes in the big pink box..oh yeah!) I have known about the Taxi Cab Light theory, but wasn’t quite a believer.  Miss Communication would tell me her reasons why this theory was true and you know, I just didn’t want to truly believe it. That was until that one day I was waiting around for a ride and an emptytaxi pulled over… And I got in.

To make a VERY long story short, I was engaged for about 9 months to well, we’ll just call him the “artist”.  And to make an even longer story short the “artist” and I ended that engagment about 3 months ago. End of story..haha.  P.S. at this point I couldn’t see the Taxi Cab Light theory.

About a month ago the “artist” and I went to lunch together to see if we could work out some issues so that we may “coexist” in the little world that we are forced to interact in at times.  We listened to each others gripes about each other and how fabulous life is now, blah blah blah. At least I knew I was telling the truth (oh burn…lol).  After about 20 minutes of this the “artist” proceeds to tell me that he is dating someone he really likes (to which I reply how happy I am for him) and then he tells me that if I wanted to work things out, that would be ok with him [insert puzzled look here]. He then tells me (along with many other things that we don’t need to go into) that he really just wants a family and we were building one… And that’s when I finally looked outside of my taxi and saw that the light was on!

Ah geez, thanks! So through everything it’s not me that you really want, you just want a family and to settle down (I use the term settle down very loosely when reguarding the “artist”).  And just like that I realized that I had reached as far as I needed to go, I kindly asked my taxi driver to pull over, let me out and please…keep the change!


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