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Dating while working in the Land O’Porn October 3, 2008

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So this is something that has plagued me for several years. I am quite certain it plagues most people who work in the wondrous world of Adult Entertainment. Although I am fairly certain it plagues the small percentage of the industry that is female and happens to work behind the camera more. You see, my usual first encounter with a new hottie goes something like this:

Hottie: Hey There! What’s your name?
Miss Communication: Hey .. bad pick up .. but I am still willing to give you a chance because your cute. My name is Miss Communication.
Hottie: Well Miss Communication, I come here often and havn’t seen you before. I come here every Friday after work with my co-workers. We work in the Financial industry… you know stocks, bonds, loans. .:: right about now he winks, because for some reason I am supposed to be impressed:: What do you do?
Miss Communication: I work in Porn. Not as a Porn Star, but as a VP of a well known studio.
Hottie: ::his face just lit up thinking about what a dirty whore I must be:: Oh really?!?!? That must be a very interesting job!

By this point the Hottie stops actually listening to anything I have to say because he is replaying every good part from any porno he has ever seen in his mind.

And this is exactly how quickly my introductions go wrong. I am not ashamed of what I do, so I don’t lie about it. I also don’t downplay it.. because it is my job, which I love and i happen to be damn good at. I am a highly successful young female in world’s oldest and biggest boys club. I am actually pretty damn proud of how far I made it. Enough about me, let’s talk about me…

I have one of two choices, hope hottie takes the time to get to know me and realizes I am not some sort of nympho maniac who gets gangbanged on her desk at work or date people who are in my business and get it. So far the hoping and praying thing hasn’t panned out. It will last a few months sometimes, but once I have to go away for 4 days with a group of porn stars and an all male crew (who I happen to share the crew hotel room with) … it’s over.

Option two hasn’t panned out so much either. I have dated two people in the biz and hung out with two. The BFFEx and the EMoEx both work in my business. Let me explain why it doesn’t work out. You see, if you break up with someone in this biz you will inevitably continue seeing them on a regular basis until one of you leave the business. In fact I see the EMOEx 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. Yeah, our companies merged this year and now we get to be broken up and work about 15ft from each other everyday! Can you say awesome?!?! It’s not that bad now but it has had it’s want to claw his eyes out moments. I see one of the guys I used to hang out with every once in awhile…but that’s totally fine and the more recent one I see all the time. Outside of the EMOEx …it’s OK. Not great, but OK. It’s never comfortable to run into Ex’s especially when they have new people and your meeting the new people..it’s just down right awkward. Or in my most recent case of “industry inkwell” … seeing all the people he has slept with on a regular basis was not exactly exciting! Now I get to see these blasts from the pasts for the rest of my life!!! Oh hey, how ya been?It’s so awesome that you’ve seen me naked and we are forced to interact on a social level. Luckily I have dated or hung out with fairly decent people, so it’s not that bad. But this leads me back to ground zero…

Since my choices are small minded hottie or making sure I want to deal with someone for the rest of my life I choose … oh god! I need another choice. Fuck! Which has made me think of the idea of joining one of those dating sites. But I have never done that and it seems so creepy and I feel like my profession will attract every weirdo on the site. No I don’t want to spank you, use a strap on, tie you up or set you on fire. I just want a normal guy! A normal guy who gets my job! Now, I am back to option two. This is like world’s most fucked up circle jerk. Anyone have any suggestions for me? Or do i become a nun?


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