… The Act of Being Whoremotional

Woke up on the Whoremotional side of the bed October 3, 2008

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And that pretty much explains it all..haha.  I don’t know why, but today when I woke up everything just seemed kinda blah.  I went about my usual routine in kind of a daze.  Though, I did have time to download some music, but I found myself only purchasing a certain genre…that’s right, that would be the whorEMOtional genre.  I’m not really sure why, but thats pretty much all I looked up…lol.  As the day progressed everything just pretty much stayed the same. Miss Communication walked into my office, I looked up from my desk and all I could say is damn…I’m all whoremotional today! haha

I feel like maybe I had a few strange or not so good dreams last night.  I may not remember them right now, but a part of my memory may slightly be hiding the memories of the dreams last night from me.  It’s just a theory. I’m still working on it.  =)  But I mean I had had a pretty damn good day the day before and really nothing much to complain about..lol.  I just woke up in a funk.

Does anyone else go through this?! I slip into these funks sometimes and sometimes it’s for no reason at all.  Maybe sometimes my mind or memory is wandering without taking the rest of me with it! Now, I just sound crazy…lol. But that’s how it feels.  I’m not sure if this is a common thing for some people or if thats just how I am. Please someone tell me that it’s not just me…lol

Well, to say the least with a 9 hour day and itunes just a few clicks of the mouse away, I have fully stocked the “soundtrack to slit my wrists to”..lol, continued on with my day and am now exhausted. Man, waking up on the whoremotional side of the bed can be rough.  Time to go watch 50 first dates with a glass of wine…who am I kidding…I’m gonna take a bottle to the face!


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