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Less Emotions, More Whoremotions November 11, 2008

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I was recently inspired by another blog, called theoretical thoughts unraveled to be exact. He posted an entry saying he found himself using his blog only when he wanted to vent (much like an emotional crutch) and he decided he was going to do away with his emo posts! I realized I was doing the same a bit lately too. I started this blog to laugh, vent and get bejiggity in general …but mostly to record my life to poke fun at later. I realized I wasn’t recording nearly enough of all my fun. I have a tremendously fun life. I laugh everyday to almost the point of tears (usually several times!),I have an amazing family and great friends. But I also have a few ..oh my god who did I scorn in a past life to get this kinda karma moments too. But those are kinda fun to laugh at too!

This last weekend was my dreaded 30th birthday! I actually ended up having an amazing weekend …that has now continued into this week. On Friday night I was taken to an amazing concert as a gift from a dear friend. Then from there we headed to a nice party for myself and a friend I share a birthday with. Lots of friends ..old and new came by, business associates and more. It was great to see so many people I don’t get to see nearly enough! I had found the cutest dress ever from forever 21 for 24.95, I got nice and toasted, got some great gifts and had tons of laughs. I even had a cute boy drive my drunk ass home. Then Saturday I recovered from my hangover with great movies on HBO, then headed to a low key bar for drinks with a few friends then went home for movie time with the girls. Sunday Captain Pants and BFFEx took me to a great restaurant that set out a large tray of small condiments for me to hide in my purse and steal and even better food. We then headed from one beach town to another, got coffee, played with puppies for hours in a pet store and then walked on the beach. It was beautiful and so relaxing. Those two know me so well … they knew it was a perfect me day. We then headed to the movies for a fun comedy and my other strange obsession in life ..popcorn and m &m’s. I know it sounds weird but put 3 pieces of popcorn and 2 m & m’s in your mouth .. then chew. The flavor is pretty close to an orgasm.

Monday was great on the job hunt front…and then I got a birthday party surprise from some friends. EmoEx and some of our friends showed up at my house with a huge cake, pin the tail on the donkey, awesome presents and more. They totally got me too! I was in sweats and dirty from cleaning. But I had a blast anyway! It was funny watching us try and get 29 candles on the cake. They were being nice and all the cards, cake, etc said “happy 29th,plus 1”. We played pin the tail on the donkey like a bunch of kids, played board games and then sat around and talked until almost 2am. Now I am sitting here with a smile on my face reflecting on how awesome my life is while i eat Oreo’s i am dunking in milk. I don’t think I could have asked for a better weekend!

On the ironic-ness of my life front …I got some interesting news today. One of the top places I have been looking at for a new job called me and offered me something. Which is great! But the funniest thing happened 5 minutes later. They tell me they are choosing me for this big project and getting me all amped ..and then they say something that totally catches me off guard … “We want you to bring on BOY to your team. You guys seem to have such a great repore and work together so well!” I responded in my head with “hey!! I thought that too!! I was wroooong!” but verbalized ..”We have an excellent WORKING relationship”. Which I have to admit, we do. You see before my last post I had decided to take a break from talking to Boy. This is like the third time I have tried to stop talking to him and it never seems to work. One of us always breaks down…but I think we are up to 72 hours, so progress is being made. I have been trying to create some space and distance so that I can get over him and hopefully one day recapture the friendship back the way it was. He seems to have no problem doing this except the fact not talking apparently does NOT mean NOT texting to him, but it’s Chinese water torture for me. So I told him I didn’t want to talk to him for awhile. That was on Saturday. Today is Monday. Are you fucking kidding me? So I call him back after this phone call from the new company and tell him exactly what they said. We both started dying laughing. What can you do but laugh until it hurts in a situation like this? He said “See you tried and obviously this was suppose to happen for a reason” as he snickers at how much I want to pull my hair out. But he is right, things happen for a reason and obviously the world is telling me..i need to remain his friend, or slam my head through a wall (not sure which one yet!). Later he texted me “I win!” … to which I replied ”Not yet, I still have the wall as an option!” I will keep you all posted on which option I end up going with. The wall is looking mighty nice right now, thank god I have a sense of humor.


3 Responses to “Less Emotions, More Whoremotions”

  1. ExMi Says:

    good luck, and i hope you maintain your sense of humour…

    btw – happy belated birthday!


  2. theorheticalthoughtsunraveled Says:

    Nice shout out 🙂

    Sounds like a glorious birthday. Glad you enjoyed, and glad I could muse for you. I know I’ll definitely be trying to m&m’s and popcorn. I’ll prob. make mine the peanut butter ones though, because everything is better with peanut butter!

  3. Sounds like an amazing birthday! I am so happy for you!
    As for the boy/new job situation LOL I can’t help but laugh at the irony. You guys are like supposed to talk!

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