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Random Thoughts By Miss Communication November 15, 2008

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Since my new gig doesn’t have much work for me right now, I am bored out of my mind. So I am blogging a lot. Go me! I should take the lack of work as a compliment because they are basically keeping me on because they will have more stuff for me to do in about 60 days and don’t want to lose me. But in the mean time, I am ohhh sooo bored! So here are some of my recent random thoughts, statements, musings, etc. Warning: Thoughts may change every 24 hours, or 12 minutes.

The EX Factor:
Being friends with Ex’s usually sucks at first and then works out. But something I have noticed, eventually the issues in the relationship rear their ugly head. Granted the following conversation was done in jest, but half jest I am sure.

EmoEx (2:40:15 PM): I’m growing a beard!
EmoEx (2:40:20 PM): With a moustache!
Miss Communication (2:40:27 PM): why?
Miss Communication (2:40:32 PM): no beard
EmoEx (2:40:41 PM): Because I can. never had one before. Just wanna see what it looks like.
EmoEx (2:40:50 PM): So far, it looks pretty cool! I look like I should be in a Militia.
Miss Communication (2:41:22 PM): i am sure it is NOT cool
Miss Communication (2:41:25 PM): and i should know
Miss Communication (2:41:32 PM): what does your new chick say?
EmoEx (2:41:51 PM): She likes it.
Miss Communication (2:42:25 PM): well that’s what matters then and that would be why she makes a much better choice for you then me … because i would not like it
EmoEx (2:43:34 PM): I don’t like your attitude about beards! NUEAH!
Miss Communication (2:44:01 PM):i don’t like your attitude about coffin couches

Yep, almost a year later …I still don’t like his taste.

I am going to a Pajama Party at the Playboy Mansion. I usually skip this party, because I have been there enough times and after the first time frankly …it gets old. But I am attending this year because Captain Pants has never been and in the meer chance she leaves the biz, i need to make sure she had the Playboy Mansion experience to impress future dates. But here is my problem with this party … it’s PJ attire and there will be lots of scantily clad women. Since most of these women will have the bodies of Victoria Secret Models I need to find something appropriate for me. I never go “sexy” at industry events for the reason that we all see it enough. But I don’t want to go “funny” either. How do I pull off classy/business minded/smart while wearing PJ’s? Any ideas? I have thought of wearing my 80’s crime fighting outfit and claiming that is what I wear to bed. Just to freak people out.

Using Lying Liars:
Have you ever had this situation, if so … I am sorry because I feel your pain. Friend A tells you something. A few days later Really Good Friend B tells you something that is the opposite of what Friend A told you, but you keep your mouth shut thinking “why would they lie to me?” Then a few days later Friend A is hanging with Friend C and they both confirm to you (without meaning to) that what Supposedly Good friend Friend B said was a huge fucking lie. Friend B can suck a dick because they are a lying liar …stop pretending to be my friend, Friend B! But you have to suck it up and not call attention to the “pants on fire behavior” because that would really make things awkward! Ughh!!! I hate knowing stuff … and I am starting to hate those that tell me! Most of all …does high school never end?

I have a male guy friend in the biz. He is the slimiest motherfucker out there. I have zero idea how he passes his STD testing every 30 days. Like seriously, they should do studies on him. But, I respect him more than most civilian men. How is that possible you ask? Because he may be the most honest man I know. When he hits on women he is very clear about his intentions, he is aware he is disgusting and he honestly tells them “I won’t date you but I will love you while I’m fucking the shit out of you for the next 6 minutes of your life with my small penis.” He also usually throws in “I have no heart” for good measure. So I don’t feel bad for any girl who sleeps with him, they knew exactly what they were getting. Because he is that honest and still manages to get laid all the time … I oddly have a lot of respect for the dude, in a strange “don’t ever touch me” kind of way.

Ehhhhh …off to play Rockband!

P.S. I fucking hate liars who lie just to lie. I swear!


4 Responses to “Random Thoughts By Miss Communication”

  1. theorheticalthoughtsunraveled Says:

    “Friend B can suck a dick because they are a lying liar …stop pretending to be my friend, Friend B!”

    Do I sense you channeling a little Dane Cook there? haha That’s pretty funny.

    -Congrats on the new job
    -What’s wrong with Coffin Couches, besides not being that roomy
    -Honesty is best policy. Have no one to blame but yourself.

  2. jennytruant Says:

    First of all, kinda jealous about Playboy. Second of all, want me to kick some body’s butt?

  3. Catherinette Says:

    Love the idea of the 80’s crime fighting outfit. That would be hilarious AND freaky.

    Also, I expect a full recap of the festivities.

    I love how you non chalantly mention that you have to go a party at the Playboy Mansion. Meanwhile, all the rest of us out here would freaking lose an arm or a leg to go. So jealous.

  4. ExMi Says:

    a party at the playboy mansion….that sounds cool, i think. although, i’d rather just watch it on tv…

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