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I Bet You Think This Blog is About You November 21, 2008

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Dear Reader,

Hi! How are you? How are things? How’s the family? Good I hope. Well, let me start off by saying first, thanks for reading =) I know there are many other blogs you could be reading (don’t forget to check out the blog roll) and other things you could be doing. Facebook and MySpace are quite entertaining sometimes (Ooow, that reminds me. I need to check up on my mafia!) And second, just to clear the air, THIS POST IS NOT ABOUT YOU!!!!!!! So, feel free to throw your big head back in the dryer (delicate cycle of course) so MAYBE it can shrink back down to NORMAL size!!!

Geez! I’m not too sure what some people’s problem is lately, but man I swear the drama is everywhere! Whether its blogging or MySpace people are just being way too sensitive or conceited. Earth to big heads, not everything is about YOU!!This blog and my MySpace….they are about ME! OMG!!! Imagine that. MYspace is about MY life, MY feelings, MY status (not my status plus song means I miss you!) It means I like that song and yes every once in a while it has meaning (who am I kidding. I’m a girl, it always has meaning), but I think it’s quite funny that you assume that that meaning/feeling is about you. Please tell me you know the meaning of assume. Say it with me now… Assume…makes an ASS out of U and ME…Very good!!! ::insert golf clap:: And even if it is about you, do you really think I’m going to change something because you brought it up. Like I didn’t know my update was… “At least all she caught from you was a cold.” Oops! Does that offend?! My bad!!! I had no clue that’s what it said. My vagina must have been online while my heart was napping. And really, with the pictures and top people!! Give me a damn break. Sometimes, I need to clear up the pics. I don’t like having 50 million to look through! I, unlike some people, don’t need to make myself look cool, popular, and amazingly happy through my pics. My smile says it all =)

Oh wait and this is the kicker…MY blog, is for ME, not for you (Though I do write in the hopes that maybe somewhere out there someone can relate)! I write what I feel and when I feel the need to get it off my chest. Whether it happened yesterday or in jr. high! So please, don’t flatter yourself anymore. Stop. Think. And maybe realize that you aren’t the only one who has ever hurt me, pissed me off, made me happy, ::insert any and all emotions here::. And maybe, just maybe, I like songs about breaking car windows, slashing tires and carving my name in leather seats! If you want to think it’s about you, I can’t help that for some reason you think I have a reason to be upset and believe you are a complete and total douche bag! I’m sorry, not my fault. Oh, I know! Maybe you should get a blog to deal with that problem…Cause it’s not mine.


Captain Pants

Oh I almost forgot!!!! Have a nice day! =)


One Response to “I Bet You Think This Blog is About You”

  1. People are SO FUCKING STUPID! it’s like GET A LIFE and stop guessing and making assumptions about mine!

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