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I FAIL and Excell … at a few things November 25, 2008

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So my last few days have been fairly interesting to say the least. Thursday I went to an adult Internet convention with a few homies. Then went to a bar with this guy I am hanging out-ish with. Hanging out-ish is best described as 2 people who are trying to figure out if they like each other “that way”. We always have fun with each other … so I guess it’s a good thing. But we aren’t touchy or anything yet … but we talk on the phone/text/im a lot. It’s odd.

Friday I was on set for my new company. It turned into a really LONG day but I had fun/horror as usual on set. Let’s see this day started really awkward…let me just give you the break down.

9:00 am: Drinking my Coffee when Boy shows up for his call time. Slightly awkward since we are alone and I am still pissed, but whatever.
9:05: Trashy Whore number 1 shows up.(Not all of them are whores.. but this one definetly is!)
9:08: Trashy Whore 1 proceeds to talk about BFFEx, how nice he is etc.(Not sure if I have mentioned before but BFFEx is also a director and photographer in my biz) I agree with her, well because that’s the truth. Then this whore bends over my kitchen counter and demonstrates fucking BFFEx the night before in the house him and I still own together. At this point, Boy snaps his head up and is just grinning from ear to ear trying not to die laughing. Nothing like having a whore tell you about fucking your Ex in front of your most recent “whatever the fuck we were” .. before you have even finished your first cup of coffee!
9:15 am: I go outside to smoke and contemplate my ”are you kidding me in real life?” life! I decide at that moment to never date in the business again (which I promptly fuck up said decision Monday night, but more on that later!)

This actually disappointed me. I expected more out of BFFEx. The others I have dated in thebiz, well..are like all guys in the biz. Man Whores. But he has always been different. No issue with the sex … just issue with how trashy she was. He usually has standards.

That was just the beginning of that day! I remembered why I want to stab people during production. Trashy Whore never shut the fuck up for 10 hours about BFFEx. Managed to be sending angry BS emails back and forth with Boy while on set as we pretend to be best friends … and mostly like we aren’t emailing each other! It was gay ..especially since I realized Boy wrote and sent the email while sitting in the passenger seat of my car while i was driving. I thought he was just writing the longest text in the history of the world. But I one up’ed him..i wrote mine standing in front of him! Touché bitches! But in all honesty, we were fine. Sadly like I have said before we work really well together and I especially need him on this project. Plus on Saturday …I had an epiphany, I realized i was mad at him for the exact same reasons he was mad at me. So I sent him an email telling him that and apologizing. He had to go through his anger with me. Then I had to go through mine with him. I just didn’t find out I “should” have been mad until much later. In all honesty, neither of us should have been mad. It was miscommunication … live, learn, move on. I hate admitting I am wrong, so it took a lot for me to send that email, but when I’m wrong and I know it..i own it. So Friday = Fail at industry dating, dumb emailing and treating porn like we are making the next winner at the Sundance film festival.

My set ran sooooo late, we missed the last shuttle to the Playboy Mansion Party. I know!!!! Sucks!! Not so much for me… been there done that, but for Captain Pants. So there we were, 3 girls (our homie who is a Pornstar but the coolest chick ever, like so cool i forget she is a pornstar sometimes. Let’s name her Anti-PStar Girl) …dressed up in PJ’s and missing the last shuttle by 4 minutes. What does one do in this situation? You say fuck it and head out in your PJ outfits anyway! We were a sight to see. Captain Pants and I headed home fairly early, because we were going to Disneyland the following morning. Being late for the Playboy mansion while wearing bunny slippers = Fail!

Saturday was a blast!! Bunch of my girlfriends took me to Disneyland for the continuation of my Dirty 30. That’s right my Birthday lasts all Month! As everyone’s should. The highlight of my 30’s (so far) happened that evening. We got out of Space Mountain with about 20 minutes to spare before the park closed. We RAN to Buzz Light year, then with 11 min to spare ran to Matterhorn (mind you a bunch of 12yo’s were running too and I had to try and not run them down!) and made it just in time! That’s right ..i am 30 and run from ride to ride at Disneyland. Turns out, I am still 100% me after all these years. I Excell at being a Kid.

Sunday was our PCH Ritual day for Captain Pants and I. We drive down to PCH randomly pick a direction and cruise. We pick a random spot that we have never been to for drinks and apps and walk the beach. This time we had amazing Mojitos! I got Pineapple, Pants had Guava. We have a PCH playlist that has Bob Marley, Jack Johnson, Dave Mathews, Etc. If you can think of more positive-on-life “beachy” music …let us know. We then went home and were grownups! I excel at Mojitos and Beachy-ness.

Yesterday, turned out to be a much better day on set. Since we had failed on Friday, we rebooked it for Monday. We nailed out the shoot! Which was good…I hate looking bad to a new company. Then I went out to dinner on a date. Pants also headed out for a date last night. It was a blind date so I told her the times she had to text me so I could make sure she was not in a dumpster. So I get to my dinner and I was nervous so I start drinking wine. Then Pants isn’t texting me so i get more nervous =drink more wine. I’m trying to have this casual dinner conversation while thinking in my head ”fuck! I’m gonna go have to find Pants!! Where the fuck is she? I hope she is just bound and gagged! Not sliced and diced!” Pants finally texted me back. She was fine, she had turned her phone low because she has a stalker and didn’t want to be rude to her date with the annoying DING! Then Boy texts me asking me a work question. So at this moment I am drunk on wine and replying to texts from Pants confirming not only that she is breathing but that the guy is cute and not creepy. On my way home, I some-fucking-how (I am going to go with the wine!) text Boy a text that was meant for Pants. This text was talking about my date. Me texting after glasses of wine= FAIL! I felt like such an asshole! He took it all in stride, but I still feel like a giant jerk face. My date was fun, he asked me to see a movie soon. He is industry and we talked about it but more in the “where do you see yourself in 5 years? What do you think guys like Evan Stone and Tommy Gun will be doing in 10 years? If you had kids and you had a daughter do you think it would change your outlook?” I am still super wary of dudes in the biz since I seem to FAIL at that. At least with this one, I wouldn’t have to see him all the time if it didn’t work out. If it turns into anything at all … We will see.

I seem to be excelling at Mens lately. A guy I have wanted to ask me out for a long time, asked me to hang out on Saturday. He is also industry …sigh! But he never ever hangs out with anyone in the biz. EVER! So I actually feel kinda ”cool” that he invited me to kick it with him and all his friends ..which none of them are industry! He is my age, has his life together, is funny, etc. But I hate this ..let’s hang out thing. Because at this point I have no idea if he wants to hang out to be homies, or because he wants to see if there is more. We flirt via myspace, but we also do work emails … so it’s iffy, guess i will find out Saturday!

On a random note: I caught myself smiling for no reason. I am genuinely happy. That was an awe-inspiring moment for me. I have not felt that way since my old company got bought out. Leaving the job I loved so much turned out to be a great thing. I didn’t realize how much it was effecting my life. I apologize to those who were close to me in the last year! Pants, you were a life saver!! I am sorry me leaving makes you and The Korean now bear the brunt of that stress i was putting up with. Along with my other friends, you all rule! Yes, that includes you EmoEx and Boy. Probably hard to deal/date/whatever the fuck it was with a girl that is that stressed out and unhappy a lot of the time. Thanks for making me have some fun too!

Since the new job gives me a LOT more time, I am back to doing the things I love. I am reading a great book! Pants and I are creating a folder of random activities to do at least once a month (example: The Getty, Horseback Riding, Sushi Making Class, Exciting Restaurants, etc). We are trying to be grown ass people and stay up on current events, etc. So if anyone has any suggestions, let us know!

So yeah, i’m excelling at life!


2 Responses to “I FAIL and Excell … at a few things”

  1. Wow with the way that this post started I seriously thought it couldn’t end well…but it so did!
    I just can’t believe your Friday, I honestly would have had a ROUGH time keeping my mouth shut.
    I hate thrashy whores.

  2. Captain Pants Says:

    I LOVE this blog and I LOVE you!!!! Im sorry I had you worried last night which lead to your excessive wine drinking which then lead to you failing at text messaging!!! lol But Yay! We are becoming grown ass people (but still young at heart)…yay for us!!! I love us!!! lol

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