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Home is a shelter from storms – all sorts of storms December 28, 2008

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When my last relationship ended, I moved in with Miss Communication. At the time I was going through many emotions, obviously. At that time I was yearning for a feeling of home. During my search for answers and comfort I wrote this:

I think that throughout my life having a place to call home is something that I have never really taken for granted. I mean come on, when I was little and upset where did I want to go?!…”I wanna go home”..haha.  It’s really weird when you are older (*cough* 25) and find yourself saying the same thing. When I dont feel good, I wanna go home. I have had a bad day, I wanna go home.



Adventures in Internet Dating: The First Date December 27, 2008

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Ok sooooo I went on my first internet date!!! Let me give you some background first =)
P.S. This date took place a while ago, but I have just now had time to write about it, so the next few posts will come pretty quickly..haha

I had been going back and forth with this particular guy pretty much all day.  We just seemed to be hitting it off in the “what we are looking for in the future” discussion that was being presented. He was hot. Had a really cute dog and looked and sounded like a guy I could totally like. We started messaging back and forth for a bit and then he asked me out!!! Of course I said yes. He planned out a dinner (sushi..big points there) and a movie for our first date. After getting the date details squared away, the panic sunk in. I started freaking out! What if this guy wasn’t who he said he was?! What if he was some balding, old, fat man who wanted to slice my throat and throw me in a dumpster?! Oh no! Miss Communication and I needed a plan!! We conceived a plan that worked for both of us so that to make sure I ended up at home, breathing and alive. I would get to the resturant and text her, then text her 30 minutes later, text her when we left the resturant and after the movie. It wasn’t exactly fool proof (we will get better at this), but it worked for us. I think Miss Communication may have been more nervous about it then me. (more…)


Sunday Funday: The Little Door, Whiskey Vibrator & The Future December 23, 2008

Since I have been running around like a crazy person for my job I decided to do something a bit more low key this Sunday. But on the positive side I can now make to Hollywood from my house, return stripper clothes/ purchase stripper clothes/ buy sex toys while doing agency calls and make it back home all in 54 minutes. My new job has finally made me be a ninja in Hollywood. I have even found the good parking lots. Due to all of this running around and lack of sleep from long hours on set I had been feeling like I was getting sick. Captain Pants had a Holiday Office Party she had to go to as our friends date, so I called The Korean to see if she wanted to have a mellow sunday girl’s night out. The Korean is my artsy friend. She is also a huge foodie and always seems to know exactly where to go..for well, just about anything. Never once have I gone somewhere with her that I have ever been before or in most cases, even heard of. Best of all I have LOVED each and every place! I had stumbled (more…)


Songs to Slit Your Wrists To: Rough Hands December 22, 2008

Another one that means alot to me. I never really paid attention to the words until about 6 months ago and they never have meant so much. I also see what the person who played the song for me was going through after reading the lyrics. Rough Hands by Alexisonfire. (more…)


The Married Guy just grabbed My Ass! December 20, 2008

My last several days were spent working on set with the new company I have been “trying on for size”. This new company has a whole new set of boys for me to ogle. It was me, one other girl and about 13+ guys on the crew. I already posted about the Art Boy who by the way was not gay at all and has a foot fetish! P.S. I have nice feet. If I stay at this company I get to see him 3 times a month for the next 6 months… yummy! Why does he have to live so fucking far? but I digress because this post is about a different boy on set.

Pants was kind enough to stop by and drop off some sugar free red bull since I desperately needed it (UNLIKE some people …Guilt via Blog, high five me!). She instantly sees me surrounded by a big group of hot boys when she (more…)


Adventures in Internet Dating: The Profile

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Welcome to Part 2 of my Internet dating adventure. Once I had decided that I was going to join a site, I would have easily decided against it if I had  known about all the damn questions I had to answer. I mean…they just kept coming! There were so many that I had to just sit there and think, is that really my answer or am I just trying to hurry through this thing?! After filling it all out I had to stop and think if maybe I’m not as easy to please as I thought. lol. Or maybe Disney (along with Twilight) has warped my mind into what I think may be the perfect guy, that doesnt really exist, and know I have ruined all chance to meet someone cool. I was waiting for the screen to tell me there are absolutely no matches due to the fact that I live in a dream world. I figured it would tell me to come back when I grow up and live in the real world. What do you mean you don’t have any sparkling vampires that yearn for my blood, but wont dare drink it and then turn that hate into love, to match me up with?! lol. Just kidding….maybe.



Songs to Slit Your Wrists To: Run December 19, 2008

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Miss Communication can back me up on this one. It’s very near and dear to me. The acoustic version is best. Run from Snow Patrol. The video is at the bottom too =)