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If the Shoe Fits December 5, 2008

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In the search for Mr. Right (while having lots of fun with all the Mr. Right nows!), I have been listening to many peoples opinions on what makes you know if you have found “The” person that you could potentially spend the rest of your life with.  There are many different ideas and theories. Anything ranging from the skys open and the heavens sing to hey well, it’s been 7 years so why not. Though I’m not a fan of the 7 year plan..haha. Most people seem to say that it should just feel right.

Well, this has made me start to wonder. What is just right? Will finding Mr. Right be like finding the perfect shoe? No, too tight. I’m sorry I can’t do staps like that, they make my legs look short. I love the pattern, but not my color. Nope too much bling. And bows?!! What am I twelve!! I’m sorry…Did you say velcro. Oh god I think I’m gonna be sick. And then just when you think all hope is lost you see the perfect shoes from across the store all lite up like the heavens put their own spot light on them…HELLO GORGEOUS!!! ::insert sounds of distant church bells:: Everyone I would like introduce for the first time…Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Choo.

Not that I would ever compare a man to a shoe, ok maybe I just did, but I wonder if you will just get that fits just right feeling.  It could be my inner fairytale land speaking, but I hope to feel a little spark or something. Maybe, if someone can tell my Mr. Right to shuffle his feet on the carpet before so that we get that shock! Haha. That would be a good sign right?! All, I can say is that when Mr. Right comes along I hope that there is some kind of sign. And hopefully it’s a  big red one that says “SALE”


2 Responses to “If the Shoe Fits”

  1. Hey lady!! Glad to see you blogging again! I love this post!! I to hope mine has has a sign …maybe But 1 Get 1 Half off .. lol

  2. theorheticalthoughtsunraveled Says:

    Everyone elses opinions are just that: everyone elses opinions! You have to decide what works for you… going with your shoe analogy, do you have a wide foot? low arch? nail polish you want to show off? I believe in signs, but I believe in instinct too. I suppose the more you try on, the more you’ll know what you want? Just make sure you don’t shop at Wal-Mart if you expect the reliability, and luxury of Dillards!

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