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Random Thoughts/Updates by Miss Communication December 5, 2008

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I need to come up with a better name for these, but for now..this will suffice.

Fashionably Late, as always:
I know it’s like a week past Thanksgiving but I wanted to post a few things I am thankful for.

1.The Mushy Stuff – I am obviously very thankful for my family, friends, dogs, health and the roof over my head. My mommy is my #1 hero, she rocks! My girlfriends kick some major booty too. They are funny as hell, all have different interests and are amazingly supportive. My dogs bring me lots of joy … they can make me laugh for no reason and they keep my feet warm at night. I am a very blessed girlie!

2. ITunes – I am a big music lover and like all kinds. ITunes makes this very easy for me. Especially that fancy new Genius thing. It just keeps suggesting more and more ways for me to spend money! Which is awesome because I just click a button, get instant satisfaction and I barely even realize how much money I have spent. Maybe I am not so Thankful for ITunes …

3. Pudding – I seriously like snack packs! I love chocolate and tapioca. Tapioca looks gross but tastes like a little cup of heaven. I should have bought snack packs at the store.

4.Tivo – Tivo has given me the freedom to watch what I want when I want. I can do Rob and Big marathons any day I want to. Plus I get to fast forward through all those pesky commercials trying to make me buy stuff. I am way too easily sold by a commercial. It’s scary …I actually want a sham-wow. The only drawback to Tivo is I can never get in on that “ohh did you see that new movie coming out ..i want to see it! Meeee too! Oh we should all go!” convo. I fast forward through commercials therefore I do not see trailers …unless I go to the movies.

5. Google – without Google I could not yell at people “Google that shit!” when I know I’m right. Yeah I am one of those people. At one point I tried the whole “Wikipedia that shit!” but it just didn’t flow as easily … but since a Wikipedia page is usually a first result, it still works.

My Saturday Night “Hanging Out”:
I mentioned a few posts back that I had a “hanging out” thing on Saturday. That I hated that term because it didn’t let me know if someone was into me or not. Well, he was into me, so that works for me. He was very sweet, I actually ended up knowing people at the party and he sent me a message today saying we needed to hang out again. It was a good time! I like hanging out and not talking industry. It’s a breath of fresh air for me. If all someone has to talk to me about is my job or my industry …it is very boring for me and they obviously don’t know me that well. If you have no other interests then the porno business … get a fucking life!

Awkward Coffee ( Not the good kind!):
I had a coffee date with the friend/guy we are trying to figure out if we like each other “that way” 2 nights ago. I also had to get my key back from BFFEx since he took care of my dogs when I was away for Thanksgiving. I tried to be a time ninja and FAILED massively. So I tell the guy to meet me at Starbucks (one further from his house so I know I got time!) and then call BFFEx and tell him to meet me at Starbucks too (the Starbucks 2 block from where he is). You see I had this planned out! Go straight to Starbucks, BFFEx is superclose so he gets there when I do, grab key … BFFEx leaves to go home, I wait 10-15 minutes and the other guy would show up since he lives further, Perfect! Fail Fail Fail! I get there, Guy gets there early, BFFEx gets there late. My mind starts to reel and i just hope it will be quick and painless.

So I am sitting down having Coffee with the guy and BFFEx comes up and gives me the key and says he is gonna order a coffee. Small amount of awkward chit chat because at this point BFFEx realizes I am on a “coffee thing”. His coffee is ready, I figure he will say his goodbyes and leave. He decided to stay and chat it up for 30 minutes! It got to the point of awkwardness (mostly for me I am sure!) that I wanted to be like ..”OK you have made your point, you are obviously just trying to torture me now! I will never double book again!” Right when I was about to snap, he left after doing a song and dance about me calling him later and asking “when later? Like you time later ..2 days? or like actually later?” ughh!

As soon as he left the guy asks me who that was I explain it’s my ex but we have been broken up for a long time and are totally homies, blah, blah, blah … and he says ..”yeah! I gathered”. So I wrap up there and get in my car and call BFFEx to ask how much joy he got out of making my coffee awkward, especially after that “when you calling me” song and dance. He picks up and says ”oh I didn’t expect you to call so soon ..i’m at dinner with a friend (insert giggle of a girl in the background) can I call you tomorrow?” are you fucking kidding me!?!? Morale of the story ..don’t double book, no one is a time ninja.


5 Responses to “Random Thoughts/Updates by Miss Communication”

  1. ExMi Says:

    OMG. that is fucking terrible. There’s nothing worse than an ex who just wont take a hint!

  2. Captain Pants Says:

    I’m so glad that the parking lot was full that night and I didn’t have to watch this awkward coffee (and not the good kind) of moment!!! But thanks for getting my key back! Love ya!!! haha

  3. rs27awesome Says:

    Thanks to Rob and Big I have purchased a mini horse.

    I made that up.

  4. theorheticalthoughtsunraveled Says:

    I believe the term you’re looking for is: WIKI THAT SHIT!

  5. Thanks to Rob and Big ..i wish for a dog that can skateboard. So i can entertain myself constantly!!

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