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Taking a break from anything that’s not Fictional December 10, 2008

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I have decided I am taking a break from anything that has a Penis. Not because I am actually going to follow through with my vow to just give up and marry Pants because she is the best Wife ever ..but because they are all kinda blahhhhh right now. I am stuck in a boy rut. None of them are dazzling me at the moment… P.S. no pun intended for those damn Twilight readers either 😉

Let’s go down the List …

One guy is really cool, but a total stoner. I know that will never work for me (sorry my mary jane lovin friends, it’s nothing personal) I just can’t do the whole Pot Head thing. Don’t get me wrong ..i too love Rockband & Beer .. but not as my only source of entertainment.

One guy is just better left as a friend, we don’t have the connection anywhere except physically. By that I mean we have great make out sessions that are a lot of fun ..but we don’t connect on any other level. Our conversations take effort to keep up. When i try and think of topics in advance, there is a problem.

One is just annoying me. We have a past that was very serious and once in a blue moon, we forget it’s the past for a reason. For like 3 seconds …then we get over it only to be assholes to each other. It seriouslly usually lasts a day too! Then we are over it …

One is well ..just him. Exactly who he is. I can’t explain it anymore than that.

One is trying to turn me into a booty call …which is my fault. I flirt when I’m drunk, when I don’t exactly mean it. Hey! I like to have fun! Nothing wrong with that people. Plus we will have to deal with each other in business so I need to squash it before it ever has a chance of being awkward. I actually respect the guy.

And that about sums it up…for the moment.

I think a lot of people just hang out with someone … knowing they really aren’t into them just to fight off loneliness or boredom. While i get that to a degree, it’s just really not fair to the other person unless you’re being clear about it and they are doing the same. I am trying to be all Gandhi like and do un to others in my life. As I age I can feel Karma catching up with my slow running ass. I have done it to people, I’m sure I’ve had it done to me .… so i am choosing not to do it. It always makes me feel a bit shallow anyway.

Maybe I am just tired of the effort. Got more important/serious stuff to think about. I know pretty much off the bat if I can or cant work it out with someone. I know it rather I want to admit it or not. My last two boyfriends I knew I wouldn’t work out with, not matter how much I really wanted it to. Maybe that’s an age thing …your dating past makes it much easier to narrow down if you can or cant deal with someone. But I also tend to be pretty damn hasty … i once stopped dating a guy in the first week because he drummed on the stearing wheel. It annoyed the hell out of me!

At this point in my life I need to take a break from guys I know and guys in general. Don’t get me wrong… I will still be hitting the bars and such, I just won’t be so “welcoming” to getting talked to on that level. We ladies know how to use our body language. This isn’t to say I am closing myself off..i love meeting new people. But right now ..it needs to be on the friends level. I just need to stir the pot of “my so called life” up and add some new ingredients to it. Male, Female, Midget Boxers ..you name it, I’m all for spicing it up. But I think I need to “hang out” with me for awhile. I enjoy my own company, laugh at all my jokes and generally speaking …think I am dead sexy.

This isn’t to say i am going against what i previously wrote about going balls to the wall in the love/life department. It actually goes with it. I obviouslly can’t have my heartbroken by someone who i feel lukewarm about. I actually think this opens me up to the chance of that happening. If i am sitting around wasting time with Mr. Lukewarm …i don’t have time to find Mr. Red Hot. I don’t think right now would be the best time to find Mr. Red Hot … but i won’t ignor it if it happens either.

But i am dying to meet new people/ have new experiences in general. Actually i am looking for a few good bars to kick it at… for a change of venue. I like live music too. Any fellow LA’ers out there want to name a few fun dives? I dig me some dive bars that don’t have the meat market feel. Spill the beans if you know some spots!

In the mean time I will have a blast, make new friends, learn new things and keep my wandering eyes nestled in a book. Should be healthy for me!


One Response to “Taking a break from anything that’s not Fictional”

  1. rs27awesome Says:

    I only know the westside dive bars. And they are a plenty..Especially the ones with carpet like Dell’s and The Backstage.

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