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Adventures in Internet Dating: The Thought Process December 12, 2008

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Ok. So you may have read in one of my previous blogs that I have decided to join an online dating site. First , let me go over my thought process or lack there of.
Remember HT? Long story short, he left me too close to the backdoor while he thought through if he was ready to be with me. Anyways, I decided that there are PLENTY of guys that I could be spending time with and getting to know during my “thinking” time. I do know that I can go out and be social and get dates that way, but it has been a bit difficult to break free of the industry and I don’t necessarily believe that I’m going to have a long and meaningful relationship with someone that I met at a bar. No offense to anyone. I know that this works for some and hey, I’m not saying that this option is out. So I started to consider my online options. I don’t really like the idea of paying, but then I broke it down. Ok, so it’s about $30-$50 a month depending on what you choose and dinner runs about what? Exactly! Paid for after the first date or two. Works for me! It’s a steal actually. It’s almost like I found the bargain sale still with this seasons stuff.

So I had talked to a friend that had tried dating sites out, as well as my aunt who had become a member not that long ago and was having a good experience so far. I would have to say that one of the things that fascinates me the most about the whole internet dating is that if I don’t like the person…I don’t have to see them again. I can just hit delete and bam, their gone. Dealing with Stage 4 Clingers should be much easier =)

Also, I know this sounds like a great and thoughtout plan and in my mind it may have been, but in all reality once I decide to do something I tend to do it pretty quickly.

Me: I think I want to go to Bali.
Hey everyone, I just quit my job and packed my bags..I’m leaving for Bali Tuesday.
Everyone: Bali! You quit your job?!
Me: Yeah, I can just get a new one in Bali when I get there.
Everyone: How are you going to do that? How long are you going to be gone? Do you speak Balinese?
Me: The want ads. I’m not sure, I just had enough money for a one way ticket. And what do you mean? I’m sure they speak English too! I will stay in the touristy area until I find a hot guy to take me to the cool places! Anyways, I’m already packed.
Everyone: Uh…ok. Well, what’s the weather like this time of year?
Me: Um. Hello?! It’s Bali!!! I shouldn’t need anything more than a bathing suit. Duh!
Anyways, I’m leaving in a few days, so we should start partying for my going away now.
Keep in touch! Love you all!!

So that’s usually how it goes, maybe not quite that extreme, but man, I think I just talked myself into Bali. Miss Communication you down?! haha

But pretty much when I decided that I was gonna have some internet fun… I was already putting in my credit card number.


2 Responses to “Adventures in Internet Dating: The Thought Process”

  1. Honey their is a book on a our coffee table titled living in bali that i bought …that question was equal to licking the windows!! LOL

    Pshhhh …i’m down for everything that doesn’t involve clowns! you know that!

  2. jennytruant Says:

    I will tell you from experience that the free one, http://www.okcupid.com has netted me one sane guy, and the rest were nut jobs. I wish you luck on whatever you choose to do. 🙂 Be brave, be brave.

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