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Holiday Blahs & Art Boys December 16, 2008

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I am the Christmas nazi! I am so that person that listens to non-stop Christmas music starting the day after thanksgiving, has the whole house decorated and is very competitive with the neighbors. This year I have been super blah! I have barely even realized it’s December. Maybe it was the lack of cold weather until this week .. hey i live in LA, it’s 72 & sunny here year round. Maybe it’s because i am in the middle of a lot of life changes. I just haven’t been able to figure out what my deal is this year.  Last night Pants and i headed out to do some shopping ..mostly for a porn set, but you know..we got some stuff too. While shopping for many things that not only included silver bikinis, douche, indian forehead jewels, lube and elf ears… i FINALLY felt the joy of christmas. All the Christmas music, stinky Christmas candles, overly bright Christmas lights, grouchy shoppers, snot nosed kids and god forsaken advertising broke through to my little ice cold Grinch-y heart. Yeah! I am me again! My lawn decorations will kick your lawn decorations ass! I will max out my credit card, I will bake stuff, I will burn stinky candles and I will play bad Christmas music from my expansive itunes holiday playlist!

Now I need to go shopping of everyone! Ugh!! This is always so tough! What’s my budget? Who’s buying for me? Who do I actually want to get something for? Why the fuck can’t all malls have valet …don’t they know I am a sucky parker? Please tell me you gift wrap, because I don’t do that either! I havn’t bought anyone a single fucking thing. I am failing at Holidays this year! But I still got time .. I am ninja like that.

On a totally unrelated note … I am officially in love with my new art director. Yeah I know he lives on the east coast and I know I met him 2 days ago and there is a possibility he may be gay (a small one … I think he is just arty) … but I am totally in love. Want to have his little arty babies in love. This is not the drinks from Los Torros talking either! I am so fucking drawn to talented guys it’s sickening! From the moment I started seeing him paint, build, create and saw his sketch pad … I was sprung. Tell me there is a talented guy who will have a passion so strong for something I will always come second best and be begging for affection …I’m all over it. Every guy I have ever dated has been ridiculously talented! Hell the guys I am “talking to” all have at least 3 skills they excel in. Directors, Editors, Artist, Musicians …ughh …sickening! If a guy in a bar 20 feet from me says he does something art driven..suddenly my ears perk up, eyes zero in, snap into focus and i start the hunt. Why is this? It’s like a set up for failure! Is this just a me thing? Please for the love of god tell me there are some other art boy groupies out there!

Ughh … here I go again. I am going to go stick my nose in my twilight book and try not to faun over him repeatedly for the next 72 hours, while we work closely together for long long hours. With his sweet smile, warm hug, soft hands and good man smell of paint & some high end cologne I can’t peg.

I think I just drooled… wonder if he can be added to my amazon wishlist?

P.S. That thumbnail picture is from one of the best christmas/love story/ slit your wrists movies, Love Actually. That was one of the best ways i could ever imagine being told i was loved! Here is the 2 min clip showing everything the signs said ..


3 Responses to “Holiday Blahs & Art Boys”

  1. Oh I LOVE that movie! LOVE IT!
    I too have been grinchy this year, it took me A LOT to get into the season and even now I’m like ugh! So much to do!

    As for the boy, I know what that is like as well! I’m totally boy crazy so as soon as 1 guy comes around that fit’s my usual type I go into boy crazy mode and cannot stop thinking about him!
    It’s crazy making!

  2. rs27awesome Says:

    I can doodle.

  3. jennytruant Says:

    I’m sorry, I LOATHE Love Actually. And after 5 years in retail, Christmas isn ‘t looking too bright either. Luckily, I have friends who celebrates Yule, Hanukkah….I’m trying to kick myself to get into the spirit.

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