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The Married Guy just grabbed My Ass! December 20, 2008

My last several days were spent working on set with the new company I have been “trying on for size”. This new company has a whole new set of boys for me to ogle. It was me, one other girl and about 13+ guys on the crew. I already posted about the Art Boy who by the way was not gay at all and has a foot fetish! P.S. I have nice feet. If I stay at this company I get to see him 3 times a month for the next 6 months… yummy! Why does he have to live so fucking far? but I digress because this post is about a different boy on set.

Pants was kind enough to stop by and drop off some sugar free red bull since I desperately needed it (UNLIKE some people …Guilt via Blog, high five me!). She instantly sees me surrounded by a big group of hot boys when she walks in and flashes the “bitch you have been holding out on me” smile. She chills for a little bit and gets the 411 on all the boys. So I specifically point out Art Boy and the guy we will for the moment refer to as Pretty Eyes boy. So Pretty Eyes and I are hitting it off … chatting it up, flirting, smart-ass comments, etc. I am thinking score! Cute, beautiful eyes, has a job, is talented at what he does, plays basketball and has nice tats. While we are filming he whispers something to me ..but I couldn’t hear him. So I do the charades routine of “what?? i couldn’t hear you” since we are in the middle of filming dialog. He leans in super close to my ear and says “I just wanted to get close and whisper in your ear” and then blows on my ear and kinda touches it with his lips. I just giggle like a 12yo at an NSYNC concert because that’s what I do when I am dumbstruck and have no idea what the fuck to say. But at this point, I know he is interested. Very Interested.

Because I am a huge girlie girl who is stuck in junior high when it comes to boys, I text Pants with what happened. She replies “ … uhh the Married Guy”. To which I reply “NO Pretty Eyes! Did he tell you he was married?!?! Is he??” and then she sends me the death text. I callit the Death Text because it was like a speeding train barreling down on me and i had no way tojump out of the way ..bam! The text hit me! “Yeah! He didn’t have to tell me, look at his hand dumbass!!” I quickly make my way back over to him and staring me in the face is his big fat ring. I instantly say “Hey Pretty Eyes, how long you been married?” just so he knew I now know, what he knew and Pants knew ..and yeah..something like that. He replies after a moment of stumbling over his words … 8 years!! Really could have fooled me! I was fairly fucking certain you were single based off of your behavior.

I am terrible I never look for rings. I am REALLY at that age that I should.

Then from the depths of the black lagoon, I get the dreaded, all too often heard song and dance about his “open relationship”. I am not sure if this is just a “Land of Porn” thing ..but according to 85% of men in the business, they are in an open relationship. Too bad their girlfriends and wives don’t know they are so they could be getting some on the side too. I have heard this speech more times than I care to count. I must have an invisible tattoo on my forehead that only men can read that says Gullible. Pretty Eyes now to be called Married Guy was kind enough to throw in the whole bit about no sex at home, so they came to this agreement. From that point on all I heard was Blah, Blah, Blah. Hey Married Guy … I’ve heard this one already, no need for the punch line.

So I stop my flirting and resume my mission of Art boy and Stoner boy who disagrees with my casting choices and sweet photographer and, and, and …lol There are a LOT of choices around the new work place. I seem to get myself in trouble when it comes to the “company inkwell”. Damn talented boys ..always reeling me in!

Set wraps up and Married Guy comes to say goodbye to me. Ask’s how often I am in his area? I say never ..then he hugs me and grabs my ass and tells me that was for disagreeing with him earlier. It was in a joking manner/flirting manner and again I was stumped. So I go tell Pants…Hey Cute Married Guy just grabed my ass … her amazing response …”NNIICCEE!” Not Nice like.. he’s a married scumball, But Nice! go me! To which I started dying laughing!! At least he was cute.


2 Responses to “The Married Guy just grabbed My Ass!”

  1. Captain Pants Says:

    You know you can always count on me to let you know if they are married. I have an Eagle eye for that crap!!! LOL.. NNIICCEE!

  2. jennytruant Says:

    Yeah, I never had the heart to tell my friend that his brother in law was staring down my dress the entire time of our other friends wedding. Funny how that happens.

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