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Adventures in Internet Dating: The First Date December 27, 2008

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Ok sooooo I went on my first internet date!!! Let me give you some background first =)
P.S. This date took place a while ago, but I have just now had time to write about it, so the next few posts will come pretty quickly..haha

I had been going back and forth with this particular guy pretty much all day.  We just seemed to be hitting it off in the “what we are looking for in the future” discussion that was being presented. He was hot. Had a really cute dog and looked and sounded like a guy I could totally like. We started messaging back and forth for a bit and then he asked me out!!! Of course I said yes. He planned out a dinner (sushi..big points there) and a movie for our first date. After getting the date details squared away, the panic sunk in. I started freaking out! What if this guy wasn’t who he said he was?! What if he was some balding, old, fat man who wanted to slice my throat and throw me in a dumpster?! Oh no! Miss Communication and I needed a plan!! We conceived a plan that worked for both of us so that to make sure I ended up at home, breathing and alive. I would get to the resturant and text her, then text her 30 minutes later, text her when we left the resturant and after the movie. It wasn’t exactly fool proof (we will get better at this), but it worked for us. I think Miss Communication may have been more nervous about it then me.

So, the date day came around and I could barely contain my nerves. I was to meet him after work and about 2 hours before our meeting time, I totlly started to hyperventilate. I think I came close to giving myself a panic attack. I was shaking so bad, it was almost convulsions.  I cant really explain except for the fact that… I was freakin nervous!!! The only dates I have ever been on have been with guys I know. I have never gone out with someone I didn’t know at all!

As I was walking out of my office my phone rang and it was Mr. Internet (what we shall call him for now). Now remember we had never ever spoken on the phone yet, but I quickly discovered that his voice sounded like his face looked…hot! I quickly got excited, but the nerves were far from gone.  He was letting me know that he was leaving his office and he would see me at the resturant.  I arrived at the resturant first and quickly ordered my dry mouth some water. I thought for sure I was going to spill it everywhere. I did my best to look like I was reading the menu and make sure that I looked perfect for his enterance. Then it dawned on me…when he gets there, do i get up? Do i hug him like I like him or like we are homies? Do i shake his hand? Do I just smile and say hi? Oh god! Are you kidding me?! Why hadn’t I thought of this early so I could have asked someone. Perhaps discussed it with Miss Communication! After the wave of panic calmed I decided that getting up and going for the hug would be best.

After about 10 minutes of making sure I looked amazing when he walked in, the door opened and in he came. He looked so good. Straight from work in his dress pants, nice shirt and shoes. His smile was very nice and he looked like his pics. So far…so good. We quickly dove into conversation as he ordered us sushi (which was soooo good! I now have a new favorite spot!). Mr. Internet also ordered us some saki and beer. We took shot for shot and washed it down with our beers during our flowing conversations (man, was I glad I had ordered water!). Unfortunately, with going out with someone new, they don’t know your tolerance to alcohol and it’s kinda embarrassing to tell them you can’t really handle as much as they can…haha. I also thought that if one day down the road we are together it will make for a great story. “Hey honey rememeber when we met? Man, I was drunk! But I kept my cool..haha.”

Eventually Mr. Internet excused himself to the restroom and it hit me. It had been a good hour or so and I hadn’t called Miss Communication! I dove through my purse in search of my phone. I had many missed calls and texts from her that she was 2 seconds way from coming to find me (I had given her the address to the restuarant that we would be at) and search local dumpsters. I quickly text her back that everything was fine and we were hitting it off. Mr. Internet got back to the table and we decided that it was time to take off for the movie. He paid the bill (big bonus points) and we walked over to the theatre. He bought us (bonus points again) tickets for a comedy that we had discussed seeing. We get into the theatre and I wonder if I am going to be able to stay awake with all that Saki and beer I had to drink. Oh wait, yes I will..the convulsions that Im still having will keep me awake.

A while into the movie I start to wonder if seeing a movie on the first date is such a good idea. I mean thats when we are suppose to be getting to know each other, to see if we want to see each other again and we just decided to be forced to say nothing for half of the date?! Who thought that was a good idea. Note taken: No movie on the first date. Plus it’s kinda awkward. Do you sit close to each other? If you don’t order popcorn will he think that you think you are fat? And do you get candy? Don’t you want the guy that you may potentially start to date know what kind of candy you like with your popcorn? Do you sit and talk about how crappy or good the seats are? The hours of commercials (what the heck is that all about)? Do you put the arm rest up or keep it down? Geez…maybe next time I should just stay at home. To say the least after this date I was pretty exhausted.

When the movie ended he walked me to my car (points). Everything was pretty quick and I had no clue what to say. Do you say, Hey, sooo are we gonna go out again? Do you like me? I had a good time. Did you? So whats next? But no. I just thanked him for everything, gave him a hug, that was kinda awkward and got in my car and drove away. As I was driving home and playing the date back in my head, I had decided that I would really like to see him again. So I picked up my phone, grew some balls and….text him! haha. I told him that I had a really good time and thanked him again. He agreed and said that we needed to do it again

So conclusion…

Internet date #1……SUCCESS =)


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