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Songs to Slit your Wrists to: You’re Not Sorry January 28, 2009

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I don’t do a lot of these but i found a song that has hit home for me. I think i maybe broken … i am listening to country! I know .. you too think i have lost it. You see Captain Pants plays it alot, she is all counry and shiz … and i can’t say some of that shit isn’t catchy after having it crammed down your throat. Scary, right?? Anyways several months ago she played this song for me … and i kinda blew it off, ehhhh country! Barf! Last week she gave me a “starter country” music CD. This song was on it. I listened to it alone in my car … and knew this was my next song update. Then i googled the lyrics and feel in love with the song more. I still think it would be better if say .. Dido did it or something. It could stand to be more angsty, but the girl is 16 … what the hell does she know about angst? Anyways, the song found me at a good time. I guess thats how somethings happen … they find you.

All this time I was wasting,
Hoping you would come around
I’ve been givin’ out chances every time (more…)


Adventures in Internet Dating: The Message January 23, 2009

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A few weeks ago Miss Communication and I were working on a project together. Earlier in the morning I had been online and was talking to a guy that caught my interest, or maybe I caught his..haha. I don’t remember. Anyways, I talked to the guy for awhile and knew that I was going to be leaving and would be unavailable for the next few days, so I gave him my number so that we could continue in text. After I signed out and went about a few of my errands I got a text. It was from the guy that I just given my number too. Let’s call him Truck Guy cause he had some nice pictures of a big truck on his profile! Oh yeah. I’m one of those. Big trucks get me all HOT and bothered! Anyways, we were chit chatting it up for a while when I let him know that I would be unavailable throughout the day because of work. We continued discussing how much we like cuddling and my profile does say that it is one of my favorite past times, haha. Along with mentioning that I was not on that site looking for “friends”. I try to make this very clear to everyone that I talk to. Especially after they find out what I do for a living. I find it very important to be upfront with my intentions or non intentions of trying to find a fuck buddy. I do not need the internet for that.  (more…)


Life Lessons, Questions and Things That Make You Go WTF?! 2008 Wrap Up January 22, 2009

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Where the hell did the year go? And damn it couldn’t go quick enough! HAHA. That was definitely how my 2008 went. Both the worst and best year of my life. So much happened!! I started 2008 off being 3 months into my engagement and I end 2008, 6 months into my engagement being called off. CRAZY right?! Beginning of 2008, kept everything bottled up inside. End of 2008, have a blog. Beginning of 2008, my dad has cancer. The end of 2008, my dad is now a survivor of cancer. Beginning of 2008, have a fiance, two kids (his), two dogs, sitting around with his family playing loteria, trying to get kissed at midnight. End of 2008, have an awesome roommate, no kids, roommate has two dogs, sitting in a movie theater with the flu, trying to give the flu to my awful date at midnight. And the inbetween the beginning and the end is all that you can imagine that can happen from one extreme to the other. But I am so much happier at the end of 2008. So, like I said..Where the hell did the year go? And damn it couldn’t go quick enough! (more…)


Fuck Me, I’m Famous! I Just got Interviewed January 21, 2009

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My fellow Blogger over at http://thecaplyst.blogspot.com/ had an Interview thing-y. First of all his blog is cool. He likes Anchorman … so he’s totally cool in my book. Third of all his blog is about cheating on his wife. It’s very interesting. Here are the interview questions he gave me.

And your questions are….

1. What was the first porn you ever watched and at what age?
To be honest I couldn’t tell you the name. I am going to guess some cheap compilation of some kind. I was 14 years old and had gone to the “movies” with my 3 best girlfriends. That was our trick when we were younger .. one persons mom would drop us off for dinner and movies at the mall and another’s mom would pick us up. We were actually meeting boys and getting into so much trouble I wonder how I made it past my teen years. If you ask my mom if I have seen the midnight showing of rocky horror picture show, she will tell you I am a huge fan and went to the showings all the time as a teenager. I still have never seen that movie. On this particular night we met up with some guys and one was old enough to drive and had a car (more…)


Songs to Slit Your Wrists To: I Can’t Make You Love Me January 20, 2009

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Ok, so I’m going a little old school with this one, adding a twist of country and blues. But no one says it better than my girl Bonnie. This song definitely has had some meaning for me in my life. Not only is it a beautful song, but it did help me to realize what a dead end I was in at one point and how I was fooling myself for the moment. One day driving to work after a huge blown out fight this song came on and I had never really listened to the words until that day (but have always loved it!) as they told me that I knew I had to let go eventually. This song was the first song that came on when I realized that that was that. So, pull out a good bottle of red wine for this one, it deserves only the best! (more…)


Adventures in Internet Dating: The Head Pusher January 14, 2009

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So Mr. Internet and I have a had a few more meet ups since our first date. I went to his house, met his roommates and soooo cute puppy. We sat around the outdoor firepit in his back yard that over looked a small lake and watched Will Ferrell movies. Damn near perfect right? Well, thats what I thought.

After a fabulous evening with a few awkward silent moments, Mr. Internet walks me to my car. First, maybe I should tell you that during the movie, we layed side by side, not touching. I mean it is only our second kinda date so whatever. So, he walks me out to my car where we say good bye. Then the next thing I know (more…)


I purposely create awkward moments … January 13, 2009

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I purposely create awkward moments because I think they are funny, or so it seems. I read that on a bumper sticker and have since adopted it. I just got back from fabulous Las Vegas. I lie, i fucking hate Vegas. My industry goes once a year for our big trade show, Adult Entertainment Expo. This show is like football hell week for me. I usually end up hung over every day, living off of a total of 20 hours of sleep, red bull and cigs. Oh and I usually work my ass off! Then I come home and get sick. It is also the time of year I see almost every single person I have ever met in the biz. Here are some of my awkward moments from the show:

Ex Flame Run In #208:
Several years ago I had a several month “thing” with a guy in the biz. We had nothing in common except amazing sex and the fact he amused me with his stories. We would rent lavish hotel rooms and drink wine and eat chocolate cake naked in bed after several hour marathon sexcapades. He was the best in the world when it came to anticipation .. which is a highly underrated art form. We hadn’t seen each other in a long time. We decided to meet up this year just to say Hi! and play catch up. We ended up bumping into each other on the show floor first. We quickly ran over to each other hugged and then suddenly … (more…)