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Fuck Me, I’m Famous! I Just got Interviewed January 21, 2009

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My fellow Blogger over at http://thecaplyst.blogspot.com/ had an Interview thing-y. First of all his blog is cool. He likes Anchorman … so he’s totally cool in my book. Third of all his blog is about cheating on his wife. It’s very interesting. Here are the interview questions he gave me.

And your questions are….

1. What was the first porn you ever watched and at what age?
To be honest I couldn’t tell you the name. I am going to guess some cheap compilation of some kind. I was 14 years old and had gone to the “movies” with my 3 best girlfriends. That was our trick when we were younger .. one persons mom would drop us off for dinner and movies at the mall and another’s mom would pick us up. We were actually meeting boys and getting into so much trouble I wonder how I made it past my teen years. If you ask my mom if I have seen the midnight showing of rocky horror picture show, she will tell you I am a huge fan and went to the showings all the time as a teenager. I still have never seen that movie. On this particular night we met up with some guys and one was old enough to drive and had a car :::insert ohhs and ahhs here::: he picked us all up and we headed to his friends house whose parents happened to be out of town. We were going there to smoke weed .. because weed and cigarettes made us cool and rebels in high school. When we got there there were like 8 dudes sitting around stoned watching bad porn. I don’t really remember the porn that much, I just remember being surprised everyone was sitting around watching it with the calm and cool demeanor they would have had if they were watching Boyz in the Hood.

The first porn I remember was one I watched with my first major boyfriend. I think I was 17. He was 18 and had rented something called Hawaiian Anal adventures or something like that. We were in the living room having sex and my mom walked in … with the porno blaring on the TV. I have never forgotten that porno …

2. Has working in the porn industry made your love life harder or easier?
UMMMM if you can’t tell by the blog .. harder!!!! Much Much harder!!! I hate dating guys in the business … well because they are usually jaded, whores and if we break up I have to see them all the fucking time. “Civilian guys” think I’m an interesting party prop, think I won’t settle for anything less then a 12’ cock or the worst of them … pretend it’s cool and no big deal until I have to go on set with people for extended periods of time. Then they assume I’m getting gangbanged daily while I’m gone.
Basically it circles me back to people in the biz, since they can understand my job and it’s idiosyncrasies. And the cycle starts over!
I am also a hopeless romantic and if i’m honest with myself … do i want to end up married to a guy who is still doing stuff on camera, groping chicks, partying like it’s 1999? Not so much …
I also would never date male talent … so it’s only behind the camera guys … well in some instances they have had some parts in front of the camera, but I learned that wasn’t for me unless it was someone who understood they needed to overcompensate for that fact a tad. Yes, girls behind the camera have probably more body issues then girls in front of it. When your job entails judging how perfect women look naked, you turn a harsh eye to yourself.

3. What is your favorite book?
Where the red fern grows is my all time favorite. My current favorite series is Twilight. It gives me hope that there is the perfect person for me … not that they are perfect, they just happen to fit me.

4. Do you wear lingerie?
No. First of all I look like I am playing dress up when I wear it. Something about my face just doesn’t work with a garter belt and stockings. Plus I am a much more carefree kind of girl. Don’t get me wrong .. I “dress up” for my dudes. Cute booty shorts, sexy cotton nighties, t-shirt and panties … that’s more my style. My current favorite outfit is black legwarmers with hot pink heart buttons, with hot pink booty shorts and a black t-shirt or tank top. It’s very flashdance … especially if I throw on the side ponytail!

5. What is your wildest/best sexual experience?
Wildest and best are very different for me.

Wildest: It would have to be a few years ago with this guy who I was “friends-ish” with but we had great sex. He was amazingly good at mental foreplay. Texts, emails, pictures, Phone, etc. He was also VERY good at forcing me to push my boundaries. I am not easily dominated but I was putty with him. We would always have sex in hotels, added to the kink factor. One time he texted me and told me to meet him later and to make sure I had a trench coat. So I borrowed one from a girlfriend .. went out that night and then the texts started again. He told me to go home and get naked … and only put on the trench coat and heels. Drive to the following address and at the front desk the clerk would have a room key for me with the room number on it. This sounds cliché … but driving to and walking into a high end hotel knowing your wearing NOTHING under that coat is crazy .. and exciting. I was sure the desk clerk knew! I went to the room and I couldn’t even get through the door frame before we were all over each other. It was very dirty and very rough. We were up against the walls .. I got my head slammed into one wall so hard I almost blacked out (that was an accident) and it went on forever … with breaks to stop ummmm certain things from happening. The man was excellent at self denied gratification .. which is VERY hot for both people to do. After words we laid there until the sun came up talking and listening to music …

Best: Hmmm this is hard … I have had a lot of best’s … but for different reasons. The I’m super in love with this person best, the we have amazing sexual chemistry best, the location was hot and dirty, etc.

Best In Love: One of my Ex’s had a home office. He worked constantly. I got sick of it one night and went in there didn’t say anything and just fucked him on his office chair .. got up and went to our bed and went to sleep. Part of the reasons it was one of my bests .. I loved him, it was good and most of all .. he still talks about it and starts smirking!

Best Not in love: (1) A very drunk time in Miami. I adored the guy … and for some reason we seemed very connected that night. Aside from the good sex … it was on an emotional level too. Plus I had mad bruises from it .. which sometimes is fun for me. To look at a hand print on my arm a day later from some hot sex …makes me smile to myself while I am lying about how I got it! (2) In my closet on a chair with My most recent Ex. It was really spontaneous while I was unpacking (3) A close friend of mine and I had a lot of wine one night. He was a little drunk so he came to my house … his was much further. He got the tour … we got to my bedroom .. we jumped into bed, in a good way. We had good chemistry but another reason it was a best, we laughed. Looking for a condom turned into a scavenger hunt that lead to a bag from set, which was comedy in itself. It was just one of those … really, fun times! We are probably better friends for it .. and still are! We just don’t talk about it … =)

Wow …. My mom shouldn’t read this!!!

OK Now your turn …
First, the rules:
1. Leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.”
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone
else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them
five questions.


2 Responses to “Fuck Me, I’m Famous! I Just got Interviewed”

  1. Captain Pants Says:

    Oh Oh pick me, pick me!!! Interview me =)

    AWESOME! Totally loved it…haha! Some of these stories I did not know..haha!

  2. jennytruant Says:

    Interview me baby, ow!

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