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Life Lessons, Questions and Things That Make You Go WTF?! 2008 Wrap Up January 22, 2009

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Where the hell did the year go? And damn it couldn’t go quick enough! HAHA. That was definitely how my 2008 went. Both the worst and best year of my life. So much happened!! I started 2008 off being 3 months into my engagement and I end 2008, 6 months into my engagement being called off. CRAZY right?! Beginning of 2008, kept everything bottled up inside. End of 2008, have a blog. Beginning of 2008, my dad has cancer. The end of 2008, my dad is now a survivor of cancer. Beginning of 2008, have a fiance, two kids (his), two dogs, sitting around with his family playing loteria, trying to get kissed at midnight. End of 2008, have an awesome roommate, no kids, roommate has two dogs, sitting in a movie theater with the flu, trying to give the flu to my awful date at midnight. And the inbetween the beginning and the end is all that you can imagine that can happen from one extreme to the other. But I am so much happier at the end of 2008. So, like I said..Where the hell did the year go? And damn it couldn’t go quick enough!

My life is much like the economy. One minute I’m up, gas is cheap, work is plentiful and the next thing you know I’m plumiting towards the ground while things around me are raising up to substantial highs (Though gas is back down know, haha)! Is there one factor behind all this or is there many things that are creating such choas? Well, in my life I believe that there are many factors, but at the end of the day there is always just me. The one factor that matters most and that can ultimately control it all. So, while I feel like the earth is crumbling around me and there is no end in sight, I must remind myself to close my eyes and breath. My new life lesson learned in 2008, to be taken with me everyday into 2009…Just breath.

I believe I have asked this before, but Where have all the cowboys gone? I can’t get over how many manly men we are missing nowadays. Also, I don’t know a man in any of the old western movies or black and whites that after 5 minutes of chit chatting with me and finding out what I do, that would ask for a password to my website and/or some free dvd’s!!! WTF?! Yeah, I’m sooo serious about that one too. That happened to me soooo much this year. Buy a freakin Playboy or Hustler and take it to the bathroom Romeo! Where are my manly men that are just waiting for my fridge to break?!! And not to mention that my pipes need some declogging. No, really. The plumming needs to be looked at. Cary Grant, John Wayne, Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Sam Elliot, George Clooney…Where are you?!!! Didn’t any of you procreate!!!?!

My love life or lack there of, well, we all know the story by now. Trying the internet dating thing. Not going the best, but hey, I’m out there. I’m meeting people. I think I may be forcing it on myself a little more than I should though. I felt like it was time for me to move on and get on with my life. My life has gone on and I’m living it, but I think that my heart still needs some time. I want to be able to love like I have never been hurt, but thats hard to do when you still feel the sting from a love that went bad. Lesson…Healing takes time no matter how many times we utter the words “I’m fine.”

Do we really have to wait until 2010 for the next Twilight movie?! Are you kidding me!!! WTF?! This has to be some kind of sick joke. HAHA. I just had to put that as one of my questions. My Twilight obsession has been a big part of the last few months of my 2008 and going strong into 2009, haha.

I know that I deserve the best and thats one of the best lessons that I could have ever taught myself this year. I think that sometimes we settle because we are tired and just feel it’s time to give up. Hey we aren’t getting any younger right. Wrong, I have gained so much of my life back by not settling. Think back to the last thing you were settling for…How much better and alive do you feel now. How much have you seen and what have you gained since then. I know what I deserve and I will settle for nothing less. I will stand up to all of those in my way even if it means standing up to myself.

There are sooooo many lessons that I learned this year that it almost seems impossible to write about them all. I have tried to get down the ones that mean the most. The next and last lesson for me in 2008 I will leave with no explanation. Take it as you see it and as you believe it. Learn from the 3 year old within you. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

What does 2009 hold for me? And what do I have to offer 2009?


One Response to “Life Lessons, Questions and Things That Make You Go WTF?! 2008 Wrap Up”

  1. jennytruant Says:

    You offer your fantastic and beautiful self, and I can’t wait to hear all about it!

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