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I made food for a Boy … and got no meat! February 2, 2009

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I have been on this cooking kick lately. I am taking free cooking classes at William Sonoma and Whole Foods. In the past if it didn’t come out of a box or can and couldn’t be made in the microwave in under 5 minuets … I didn’t eat it. BUT I have everything they sell at William Sonoma and a million cook books. I always envisioned I would be a good cook, but was promptly defeated when I realized I didn’t walk into a kitchen and instantly turn into Julia Child. So I have just faked the look and feel of a chefs kitchen for years. Don’t get me wrong I managed to feed and not kill My starter Husband and a few guys after that. But I never seemed to have a gift for the finer art of cooking. All the women in my family are amazing cooks and I had been starting to think the Chef Gene had skipped a generation fearing we would dominate the world’s food market if one more gifted Chef was put into the family. Then about 2 weeks ago … I discovered, I CAN cook. Not only that I really like it and I’m kinda good at it.

So today was another day on set, but today was different. My homie came to do stills! Thank god too because I needed a lifeline in the entertainment department. Let’s name him Mr. Sunshine since I always say “good morning Sunshine” to him and he has appeared on the blog enough to warrant a name credit. I knew Mr. Sunshine was a vegetarian and I had gotten this great vegetarian cookbook. So Mr. Sunshine became my guinea pig. I made a spinach Fettuccine with grilled red and yellow peppers, onions and asparagus ….all brushed in a nice balsamic vinaigrette that I had seasoned with herbs. Then tossed in a light pesto sauce. I also added red pepper flakes and sprinkled it with fresh parmesan. I brought this all to set with some Milano cookies for dessert. Yeah I am like the craft service of the porno biz! Guess i can’t use my “Yeah if fluffers are real .. they would be located next to the craft service table with the unicorns!” joke anymore. Actually it was refreshing to have a nice meal on set during down time. He dug it … I dug it and thought of ways to make it better next time, you know by like adding … meat. Not really, i have actually been eating a lot of Vegitarian food for diet/health purposes and am trying to learn to make them tastier. Best of all … I made that recipe up. The one I had planned to make … I didn’t have all the ingredients for so I just dug around my kitchen and it just all came to me. I have actually been making up a lot of my own recipes … which is fun and creative.

I am really excited with my whole cooking experiment. What’s even more awesome is it looks like I am going to get to work with Mr. Sunshine on all my shoots! He promised to be my entertainment on set and I am going to barter entertainment for food. Hopefully I’m not being over confident and give him food poisoning and end up ruining shoots … that would suck .. for me, all that rebooking and phone calls! He would live.

My one concern with this new obsession … is it just an energy outlet for all the sexual energy I am not using? Did I mention I am also redecorating and sanding and staining my kitchen cabinets myself? Well Captain Pants will be helping too.


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    Yup! Your commenting feature works just fine now!

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