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I instantly regret asking to be interviewed February 5, 2009

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I forget how much Miss Communication knows me. I feel like I’m in a game of “never have I ever” with my best friend and Im instantly getting hammered!!! So, here we go. These are my interview questions from Miss Communication. Let the games begin!!

1. Name 5 things about your appearance you like? And why.
P.S. Miss Communication I hate you for this question. You know that I have been sitting on this question for a like a week! But here we go…
1. I like…my eyes. They are pretty cool. They change colors to match my mood and what I’m wearing. I swear. Sometimes they can be really blue and sometimes they are green. The coolest color they turn is turqouise, but that means I have been crying. I have never had a boyfriend get the color right when I ask what color are my eyes. Or if they are trying to tell me something sweet about my eyes, “your beautiful green, I mean blue, I mean what the hell color are they today!” Haha. Little secret….they are hazel.
2. I like…My smile. I love to smile, even though it can be quite big at times haha. A smile has so much mystery too. I can either be up to no good or feeling nothing, but good. My teeth are pretty good damn good too for never having braces or anything. Dammit I should have counted that as two different things!
3. I like…My feet. They may not be every foot fetishes fantasy, but I havent had any complaints in that department haha. My feet have personality. They arent huge. I have small toes that seem to entertain and I have decorated my feet with color and beauty of what is me, my favorite tatts.
4. I like…My tongue. Funny I know right, but a few years back when I was looking to get my toungue pierced the guy that I went to said that my tongue wasn’t long enough and it wouldn’t work. Well, I went for it anyways and my tongue pulled through. Me, my tongue and my new peircing had some fun times. I no longer have the peircing, but my tongue and I will have the memories forever. Haha. So, thank you for pulling through on that one tongue. Tell me it can’t be done and I will show you that it can! Ha!
5. I like…My lips. Not that the shape or the plumpness is perfect, but because of what they do. I love to kiss and my lips have many senses in them haha. So, thank you lips for being good at what you do and at the same time there have been quite a few guys that have been hard to get rid of for that same reason. You are both a blessing and a curse. Haha!

2. Since this is actually all about me .. describe the most fun you have ever had with me.
Oh man, Definitely anytime we go to Target, haha. But by far it was the time we raided the $1 section. I have never laughed so much before in my life! We raided the $1 section at Target, totally created an AMAZING outfit around it and what we would do in it. Then we proceeded to crack up throughout the rest of the Target experience as I announced that we were high on life. Yes people. This was all done drug free! It’s amazing what just oxygen alone can do! haha! That day went down in history for sure!!!

3. What was your grossest moment on set? Funniest?

Grossest moment on set was definitely on the boy on boy set when one guy proceeded to hit on me and ask me out after he was done railing some guy in the butt. Oh yeah, and it was my birthday that day!!! The funiest moment I have had on set was when we went to Hawaii and one of my favorite girls was in a shark cage, accidently drank some salt water, it made her feel sick and one of the shark guys was in the water trying to attract sharks and as she started to puke into the water the guy dove down into it! Yeah I know that should be my gross moment, but it didn’t happen to me so it was freakin hilarious!!!

4.What are the 5 items you would save out of our house if my ashtray caught on fire and burned it down?
Haha. That cracks me up because what people don’t know is that your ashtray really did catch on fire the other day!
Hmmmm…let’s see. It would really depend if Miss Communication and the dogs were there cause of course I would have to save them or people just wouldn’t look a me the same..haha. So, lets assume that they are not there. I would save:
1.The Twilight books for sure! Or if at this point the movie is out, that for sure!
2. As many of my “science fiction” movies as I can get my hands on!!!
3. Pics! All of my pictures would be thrown into a backpack quicker than you can blink. They are both memories and evidence. haha
4. My new Jessica Simpson boots! I don’t think I need to explain that option, haha! I would say my flip flops, but if you know me, you would know that those would already be on my feet!
5. Last but definitely not least would be my starightener!!! I don’t want nappy crazy hair when they are interviewing me on the Fox news and my future husband is watching and gets my number from the news station and calls and offers for me, miss communication and the dogs to live with him in his modest but beautiful house on one of Malibu’s beautiful beaches!!! Come on people!!! Reality…hello!!!

5. If you could only pick one movie to watch the rest of your life, what would it be?
Goodness I got some hard question. How am I suppose to answer that one!?!?! You know I do absolutely love the Sex and the City movie and saw it many many times in the theater. It just came out at a right time for me, but I also abslutely LOVE Love Actually. I am definitely going to have to go with that one! I can’t get enough of that movie! I absolutley love the couple that lerns each others language just in case and he flys out to her and asks her dad to marry her. Man, thats being in love with someone! Doing anything to prove that you love them. Plus, I LOVE Christmas time. Ok, Love Actually is my answer! =)

OK Now your turn …
First, the rules:
1. Leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.”
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone
else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them
five questions.


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