… The Act of Being Whoremotional

Day One February 7, 2009

Ok, so today is day one of my heartbreak 30 day challenge. I must say that the beginning intro had me at hello. This book is filled with quotes and right off the bat I knew that this was going to be good. In the intro of I wanna hold your hand, there is a quote.

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. -Anonymous

Wow. Isn’t that the truth. I guess I never really take the time to stop and think about that though. It’s so simple to realize that we can control the way we deal with things and how we allow ourselves to feel. So far, this book has got me.

So the Intro pretty much just lets however is reading the book, aka muah, that they are not alone. The lady who wrote the book (Catherine Hickland) realizes how important it is to make you feel like you are not alone during this process. I’m not too sure how someone telling me that through a book is working for me, but hey I’m new to this whole self help thing.

The Rules: Cry Yourself a River
On day one, today, I can cry all I want and am able to do so for the next three days. Good thing cause I was showering this morning and wasn’t quite sure what was sprraying more water out, the shower head or me. Though crying is allowed, isolating myself is not. I’m not too big on that anyways, but I tend to be a bit of an eeyore when I’m sad.

I almost stopped in my tracks though, when I say the bold print of No Retail Therapy.Really?! Dammit! But I always do!! She does have a good point though. Those things will only remind you of how you felt when you bought them and why you were buying them. Ok Ok. You got me. A good suggestion was clean out your closet and give what you don’t want anymore to a charity. Not a bad idea. Out with the old right.

Next was Weight Management, wether you tend to starve yourself or stuff your face, pretty much don’t do it. Either way you end up feling even shittier about yourself. And plus being in great shape the next time you run into that douche or that douches friends, always feels great!

That was pretty much it for today. So far so good. I can deal with the no isolating. The no retail therapy is going to be hard, thats just hard for me in general and weight management should be alright. I do have a gym membership, so I will keep up with that, but I really I can’t go out and get a tub of Ben & Jerry’s?! That blows, but will be better in the end. Ok then. Here’s to Day one.


One Response to “Day One”

  1. Captain Pants Says:

    NO RETAIL THERAPY?!?!?! Is she on crack?!!!! Oh man. That’s a tough one. Stay strong! And I love, love, love the quote. Good luck!!! You got this =)

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