… The Act of Being Whoremotional

Day 2 February 8, 2009

Day 2 of my 30 day heartbreak cure. Quick recap for day one. The whole eating thing didn’t go as great as I thought, but I was also really busy. I didn’t eat all day and then stuffed my face at night and yes there were chocolate covered raisins involved. Did it make me feel better? No, but man they were good! As far as the crying it just come in spurts when I’m alone and of course when the whoremotional music is on. Now onward to Day 2.

More Rules, More Crying

Take away the cause and the effect ceases.
-Miguel De Cervantes

I love it! How true that sentence rings!! Now, can we tell the cause to stop popping in and out and leaving it’s effects for me to deal with. Please and thank you!

No Excesses, Ever! So I have to make a list of the things that tempt me that are potentially destructive and habit forming, that I tend to fall towards during times like these.

My Worst Enemies
1. Alcohol
2. Sleeping with random strangers
3. Sleeping with friends
4. Sleeping with old flames
5. Sleeping with anything breathing
(I’m really not a slut I swear, but don’t act like when your heart is broken you don’t look for someone to mend it quickly for a few hours. It’s not like I sleep with all these people. I just look for whichever responds first and go for it. Especially when #1 is involved!)
6. Reaching out to those I know like me so that I can feel better about myself and wanted (thats destrucive for both parties)
So, my main enemy is alcohol which leads me to act upon #’s 2-6.

Be Your Own Best Friend.I like the way that this was broken down, so I’m going straight from the book.
When facing temptation of any kind, or you’re fighting an impulse you know you might regret later, your assignment is to stop and ask yourself, “If my best friend were in this same situation, what advice would I give her?” Don’t just go through the motions of asking the question. Answer it with the same loving detailed thoughtfulness you’d offer your best friend. And then, whatever the advice might be, follow it. If it’s loving enough, caring enough, positive enough, protective enough, well-thought-out enough, honest enough, and integrity-driven enough for your best friend, it’s good enough for you, don’t you think?
Ok, I have heard be your own best friend so many times, but I have never looked at it this way. That really breaks it down quite well. I’m really good at dishing out the advice to my friends, but to actually follow it is my weakness. I believe that I give good advice, especially to those I love, so why do I feel like I shouldn’t give myself the same and actually follow through with it. Sounds like a personal challenge to me. That I CAN do!

Everyday, Do Something Kind for Yourself. Usually I put this in the catagory of retail therapy, but we know that that is not allowed. The suggested is a bubble bath, massage, a new skin cream or conditioner that you have been wanting to try, planting a flower that you can see everyday, putting up pictures that make you happy, tracking down an old friend, etc. Some pretty good ideas in there. There are definitely some friends that I have lost touch with that I think I will try to get a hold of and a massage never sounds like a bad idea!

Every Day, Do Something Kind for Someone Else. This I believe that I should be doing anyways. This falls into the cleaning out the closet and donating or any small gesture. I think that if I am more aware of my surroundings when I am out and about I will see more things to do and where I can help. Anywhere from opening a door for a struggling mom with three kids and a stroller, letting someone ahead in line with less items, etc. This I can do, this I need to be doing anyways.

So, thats the end of Day 2. I have to consciously keep in mind the things I need to be doing. Stay away from my worst enemies, be my own best friend, do something nice for myself and others. Ok, here I go.


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