… The Act of Being Whoremotional

Day 6 February 12, 2009

Day 5 went well. I am still staying away fom my worst enemies. I have been going to the gym and not going crazy on comfort food, but if someone could get rid of all the cookies in the world that would be great. Thanks (in advance)! I have not been able to be so great in my journal, but I will definitely make up for it. On to Day 6.

Manifesting Your Beautiful Life

Don’t let other people tell you what you want.
-Pat Riley

I absolutely loved this chapter. I think it’s kinda funny how some people can get you to realize things. I guess when you step back everything becomes kinda clear. I get a little frustrated on why the hell didn’t I see it that way, but I think that you have to be out of the picture to really get it. Better late than never though right?!

So, the lesson today was all about manifestation, both positive and negative. I am very guilty when it comes to negative manifestation. I wasn’t very aware of it until I had it all broken down to me in the book. I was like, “Wow. I do that. I do that too. Oh! I soooo do that.” It was very eye opening. I like to believe in living positive, which can be difficult when you feel like crap about yourself. But why do I feel I need to be negative?! I have done nothing wrong. I have not failed. The relationship failed, not me. You really have to read all of this chapter to get what is a little difficult for me to explain but here was a part that I totally related with:
“It’s simply to say that before we met him, we somehow managed to manifest him and, as a result, reeled that mess in and found ourselves trying to convince ourselves that it was worth the effort because, after all, we can make anything work. Hear us roar.”
Wow! I soooooo did that. I truly believed that I could make it work (make anything work) and man work it I did.

I learned that I have to stop focusing on what I DON’T want and start focusing on what I DO want. When I keep my mind and focus on the negative of what I don’t want, I create it. What we fear, we create. I will focus on not saying “I don’t want a guy that ignores me and is not supportive.” From now on I will be saying, “I will be with a guy who appreciates me, and nothing less. I will be with a guy who treats me, and my emotions, with kindness, truth, and respect, and nothing less.” I will definitely strive to change my thinking to be more positive. I will also ask for friends help in catching me and cutting me off if I turn towards the negative. I think this is an amazing step for anyone to do. The world is so full of negative sometimes. Positive is freshing.

My exercise for the day is to make a collage board. Put up pics of things that I want i.e. traveling, love, maybe something I want to save up for, etc. Positive things that I want to work towards. I like this idea. Maybe if I sit and look at a picture of Hawaii and tell myself I will go there by a certain time then I will work harder to get it done. I’m very excited about that.


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