… The Act of Being Whoremotional

Day 11 February 17, 2009

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What’s the Prize?


Trust your hopes, not your fears.

-David Mahoney


To make this section short the author pretty much says that we need to keep the prize in mind. We do not wish to settle, the prize is not someone who will eventually be what we want once we “fix” them, etc.  The prize is someone with the same life goals, someone that makes you feel good, etc. All too often we let ourselves settle because we believe that someone is better than no one. I know now that I would rather be alone figuring out who I am and getting to know me. My Mr. Right is my prize and I will not settle for anything less then my version of Prince Charming.


Also, threats with no follow through are just words. You have to sat what you mean and mean what you say, and unless there’s evidence to the contrary that he’s doing the same. If you say something like “If this doesn’t change I’m leaving.” And in 2 months you still haven’t left or you are doing the back and forth thing for the tenth time, it still means nothing. You must stick to what you say. I must admit I have done this before. I have played the back and forth game so many times and never followed through with what I said, so therefore no one’s behavior ever changed. And why should it really, if I’m allowing it to happen.


Today I am supposed to do an exercise that will help make room for someone new in my life. How can I find someone new if I am still pining over someone else or have not let go. The author suggests to take a full cup f water, set it on your clean counter, and ad more water. The new water is instantly rejected. There is no room for it. You must empty out your cup in order to make room for the new water. Now switch that analogy over to life. It makes perfect sense to me. It’s the letting go that I’m working on and there is no way that I can let the new in if I don’t let go of the old.



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