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Random Thoughts by Miss Communication March 29, 2009

I haven’t blogged in a minuet … thought of a ton of things to blog about but well, life has caught up with me. Which is part of this post! Ohhh see how I tied that in? it’s like I’m really writer ….but totally different.

Maintaining Work, Family, Friends, Life and ME
I pray to god I’m not the only one with this problem, but I seem to have a really hard time balancing all the things in my life. I have to work the required 8-10 hours a day, go to the gym for an hour, eat 2-3 meals, handle my personal hygiene (which when you’re a lady … takes some time, sadly my legs don’t shave themselves!), get grocery shopping and general errands done, be a good daughter, be a fun friend, be a fabulous date, at some point get a bikini wax, nails did, hair cut, feed, water and groom my dogs …. And try and get 8 hours of sleep. I wasn’t going to continue the list because well … you get the point. Notice what is missing on that list? ME TIME!!! What’s also missing is “down time”. There is a line in a dilated peoples song that goes something like “I don’t know what’s better getting laid or getting paid … I just know when I’m getting one the other’s getting away!” … and that’s pretty much how I feel about my Pie Chart of time. I can’t seem to be excelling in all areas at once. Anyone got some tips? Or maybe a time management book for me to read??? Some sort of Tony Robbins seminar that will teach me how to effectively function off of 3 hours of sleep while being hung over…yet looking amazingly refreshed?

Cougar porn has messed men up!
I am telling you the MILF/Cougar craze has messed men up. They are thinking older woman are the new Black or something.. In the last few months I have not been hit on by anyone over 24 (the oldest of them all), in fact I got hit on by two different boys UNDER 18! Are you kidding me? Don’t get me wrong … I’m NOT old .. I’m Not, I’m not, I’m NOT! But … I am older-ish … and OLD compared to these guys. What surprises me so much is when I inform them of my age (granted I can be mistaken for much younger) they don’t care at all! They actually use the line “… age isn’t anything but a number”. They try and have full blown conversations with me while the act VERY mature. Here is a quick tip boys: 1. I know your feigning maturity. 2. I can NOT relate to your problems anymore. 3. It is not OK that you are the same age or younger then my little brother! 4. I do not get the references to TV shows you watched as a kid because I was already hitting up the clubs by that point. 5. No I do not think it’s cool you have a Pool Table in your parents garage where we can go drink some Budweiser.

Captain Pants was so proud of me, Fuck I was proud of me!
Last week I went out with a bunch of girls to go dancing. When we got to the club I instantly noticed a guy because he looked like a grown up version of one of the actors in Twilight. We all know my Twilight obsession. We all also know I’m a huge pussy when it comes to boys. If I’m not interested I massively flirt and if I am … you will have NO idea, you will either think I don’t even know you exist or that I’m your friend. So I am watching this guy almost all night … thinking to myself “GOD DAMN HE IS SO HOT! There is no way I am talking to him … he would never be interested and I’m most certainly NOT that ballsy” Half way through the night I go outside to smoke a cigarette and on my way back upstairs I notice he is coming back down them. I nervously smile at him (already … HUGE step for me that I was later going to high five myself for) and he smiles back. I look behind me after walking past him and he turns back and looks at me. I smile again. I continue up the steps and get around an annoying planter and he is at the bottom of the steps staring up at me … I smile again. I get to the platform at the top of the stairs and lean against the railing and he is still standing down there looking up at me. After about 30 seconds of just eye contact … he briskly walks back up the steps to me. He walks right up to me and before he can say anything I say “I figured I should tell you my name if I am going stare at you all night”. OMG!!! I was sooooo brave! We actually hit it off. We talked the rest of the night at the club and have talked every day since. He is also NOT in the business!!! He is a medical researcher who will be starting his residency soon and plans on going into reconstructive surgery … and he didn’t have an issue with my job! For once someone didn’t ask me 900 questions about it! FTW!!! He actually only asked me 1 … what specifically I did in the biz and after I explained he said “that actually sounds pretty interesting!” Pants was having a hard time finding me because I had disappeared with Nip/Tuck and when she finally found me .. a HUGE grin spread across her face. Later when I told her the story .. she practically high fived my face she was so excited. So go me! I had balls outside of the work place .. for once… and it has paid off!

What really matters?
I can’t write too much as far as details here because it will give away who I am. I have had a sick parent for awhile. Sadly they have gotten worse and very quickly. After months of tests and trying to figure out what the hell is wrong … we may have an answer. Unfortunately it is not an answer anyone wanted. If it is the disease they think it is, My parent is in the final stages, there is no cure and it is a very horrible way to go. I am going to go visit my Parent in another week, I hope it will not be for the last time … but sadly that seems to be the case. Worst of all … I have to tell my siblings. This has really made me focus on what matters in my life. Which I do not think is a bad thing at all. Sorry to end on a sad note … on the plus side, I am still trying to be really positive! I am also thankful I get a chance to say everything I need to. I am Best Friends with my Parents so I am trying to prepare myself for this devastating blow.


4 Responses to “Random Thoughts by Miss Communication”

  1. matt Says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. Captain Pants Says:

    I LOVE YOU!!! I was soooo proud and still am of that night!!! ::high five:: and I am so proud of you for more than just that. You rock in all ways!!

  3. Hey girl! I feel ya on managing the “me time.” It’s so difficult to work, workout, eat, make time for friends, sex, meet boys, get your car washed/serviced, hair/nails/waxing, it’s TOO MUCH! There just isn’t enough time in the day.

    So sorry to hear you have a sick parent. I know what that is like, you just feel powerless and like there is nothing you can do to fix things. I hope it somehow works out for you both!


  4. jennytruant Says:

    I’m super proud of you for getting the guts to do that. Have you in my prayers for your parent 🙂

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