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Adventures in Internet Dating: The No Call April 2, 2009

Wow. Ok, so I went on my first date with a Jewish-Buddhist. That’s right, I said it. Haha. He was a cool guy. We met for what was suppose to be drinks at like 9:00 PM. When I first heard that time I was like, yeah right, I’m never gonna make it. At 9 I am lounging on the couch getting ready for bed and you want me to be out and about and looking cute?! Geez! So, anyways I get dressed up and I look good. I look damn good. Haha. When I get there I notice he looks like his pics, but not as good. We sit down, order some wine and he mentions that he forgot to eat so he was going to eat. I had already ate something so I was not hungry. But now I look like “that girl”. You know the “I’m not hungry. I don’t eat.” kinda girl. This did not make me happy, but whatever. So we talk about all that we talk about. We have a few awkward silences, but worked through them. We actually even shared our worst date stories. His was pretty good, but mine still takes the cake! Oh! I forgot to mention. The damn waitress didn’t look at me once!!!!! She only talked to my date. Stupid whore! He’s not that great lookin honey, take him, he’s yours. Haha!

So all and all he was a great guy. He kind of reminded me of a friend of mine, which was kinda weird. I definitely knew by the end of the date that it could possibly be a nice friendship. Yeah, he went straight to the friend zone. He walked me out where we waited for our cars, said good night and that was the end of the date. So, I waited for him to IM me a few days later or call while I come up with excuses to how I’m sooo busy and can’t meet up again for awhile. And do you know what?!?! It’s been a few weeks and no call, no IM, no nothing!!! You can’t not call me!!! I was gonna not call you!!! This has never happened before! I actually find it quite comical, but it does not make me want him. So hopefully thats not the tactic and he just wasn’t that into me. Cause all he did was make it easier for me. Thanks no call, jewish-buddhist. This buds for you!!!


One Response to “Adventures in Internet Dating: The No Call”

  1. jennytruant Says:

    I had that happen to with a Jewish guy. Not a Buddhist Jew though. We had a great date and then he didn’t call me. A week later he invited me over through text message and then had a fight with me about me calling him weird. Two weeks ago he texted me to tell me he was getting married…very weird.

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