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I’m like a Magic 8 Ball, but totally different April 9, 2009

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I get asked a lot of questions about my job. Probably why I try and sometimes hide it a bit when I first meet new people. Not because I’m embarrassed or anything like that … but suddenly I become the center of attention (AKA fun party prop) and I’m not always comfortable with that. I figured it would be fun to write out some of these common questions about my job with the answers.

1. Are fluffers real? My friends friends cousin told me he knew a fluffer, I know they are real!

NO! Fluffers are NOT real! I’m sure at one point they MAY have been … but they aren’t now. But then again there supposedly used to be piles of cocaine on set too and … well those are still there. I kid! The Pornstar IS the fluffer I guess you can say, but in most instances it’s the male talents hand. I have a running joke in this biz about fluffers “… If Fluffers are real, they must be located next to the Unicorns by the craft service table!” P.S. 95% of Porn sets do NOT have craft service either! And what we have I wouldn’t call craft service … I call it “A PA went and got you all some food because we are gonna be here awhile and don’t want you bitching, leaving or passing out! So shut your dirty whore mouths!” Which is a blessing for me … craft service can mess with a girls diet and after all set is all about how comfortable I am ::wink, wink::!

2. Do you actually see the sex? Do you watch sex all day long?

Yes I do. I have seen more sex in more ways than I could ever care to or thought were possible. When I first got in the biz it made me uncomfortable … but that was many moons ago. You can pretty much do anything in front of me and I won’t bat an eyelash .. hell your doing something right if I notice. OK I’m not that blind … but it is so common place at this point that it could be two people talking about Physics and I would be just as interested. To people in the biz, sex is what your marketing .. so essentially it becomes a product. Don’t get me wrong … I notice when something is sexy, when a scene has great chemistry, etc. But mostly from a product stand point. I have seen straight sex, girl on girl and even boy on boy!

3. Your office environment must be crazy! What are the people like? Nobody is very professional are they?

Porn is a billion+ dollar industry … yes we are professional, well most of us. BUT, we are all probably in it because we don’t have to deal with corporate BS. We have politics , just like everyone else … but we also don’t have to wear suits to be taken seriously and almost every event we have has open bars! (Thank god! I have to drink to be around some of these people!) The people in the biz are just like everyone else. MOST fell into it somehow. I have met very few people who pursued this industry, most of us seem to be a product of our location and the fact we don’t have an aversion to naked people or think porn is disgusting! One thing people don’t know is while we are a big industry (last count aka guesstimation by a 2cd rate newspaper, 6000 just in the San Fernando valley) we are also VERY small. We are like a close knit family … or like I like to call it, 13th grade!

4. People from your business must constantly be having sex! You have probably done everything sexually huh?

The ones who are paid to have sex sure have a lot of it! But I find a common thread for the rest of us in the business … we seem to crave intimacy more. Maybe it’s a female thing … but when you see so much emotionless sex you crave the emotional connection more than anything. Don’t get me wrong .. I like to have sex, I like it a lot! But I crave sex WITH intimacy. That doesn’t mean I can’t get down and dirty, rough or have the occasional one night stand … but I don’t crave that. One thing porn did to my sex life I NEVER expected … made me very submissive in the bedroom. I think because I am so dominate all day. Wow! It’s late while I’m writing this … over share much? And NO, I have not done everything sexually! Much to the disappointment of “civilians” … BUT I would say being around so much sexuality has made me much more in touch with my own. Not that i was that out of touch with it … ya know what i’m sayin!

5. Have you ever been in a porno?

Yes. The answer is YES! You didn’t ask if I have had sex on camera … or gotten naked on camera … that answer would be NO. I have done random dialog parts because we had missing extras … and I was the voice of a character in a movie as well. But no, I have never had sex on camera!

6. Do your parents know what you do?

Yes … even my grandmother. She asks me how biz is going about once a month and she is 76. My Dad actually suggested I pursue the industry. I had gotten a side job in the biz and told my Dad about it. He gave me a valuable piece of advice. “Porn will never die as an industry and it’s recession proof … How can you go full time?” He wired me $500 bucks the next day to start me off. Everyone in my family knows what I do. My Mom also gave me valuable advice for this biz “Make sure that no matter what you’re doing you can look at yourself in the mirror and be happy with who you are!” That came in handy in several business decisions. It’s made me sometimes TOO nice when it comes to biz and not as cut throat as “I should” be … but I can look myself in the mirror every day. I am happy with what I see. I am 110% comfortable with what I do. I will probably do it until I retire.

7. Pornstars must be riddled with STD’s!

Actually a Pornstar is the SAFEST girl you can bring home from the bar. They are tested for STD’s every 30 days and due to the biz, know the first signs of “something weird” going on. I don’t know a single girl who is tested every 30 days. I know civilian girls who haven’t been tested in years! This is probably a big reason why people in the biz have a tendency to sleep with/date other people in the biz. There is a misconception they have sex with 100’s of different guys. There are only about 30 guys in the biz who are used regularly … of those 30 I would say only 15 are used consistently. BUT I will add a side note … if you can have sex on camera for money, your not usually the most emotionally healthy person I have ever met =-/ So I don’t advise anyone date talent … your more than likely never going to fully be comfortable with their job, they are slightly off .. and most girls who have sex for a living don’t come home and want to have MORE sex, especially when they have settled into a relationship. Just a little PSA on my part …

And that concludes this session of Miss Communication, Magic 8 Ball .. or totally Different?


2 Responses to “I’m like a Magic 8 Ball, but totally different”

  1. I love it! The one thing about your job that I think is great is that your days must be far from monotonous! I mean with all the things you see everyday, there must be things that still completely shock you in dealing with different personalities and the reasons or excuses you must hear on the regular!

  2. I agree … no 2 days are ever alike .. which is cool. The most shocking thing to me lately is how people 25 and under seem to feel entitiled to things … like just because they want a high paying job they should have it, without puting in the effort, work, internship, etc. Like they are just supposed to be handed everything … very strange! That and anal bleaching .. im still shocked by that! lol

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