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Does it remind you? Aka I made a Music MeMe April 12, 2009

I recently asked for some blog topics on the Whoremotions Twitter account. I wanted to write but was too biggity to come up with anything. A follower suggested I post my current Playlist. I looked at my Playlist and decided I didn’t want to appear as boring as I am in print since I do a bang up job of it in real life. So I decided instead to kind of make it like a MeMe. Don’t worry I originally had to google the term at first myself. I’ll wait … Wikipedia has the best answer, as they always do.
Now that your back … I’ll continue. I have a strong connection to music and it often reminds me of certain people/events/places/etc. When my ipod is on shuffle in my car it will play something that randomly reminds me of these moments that happened in my life and yes, they are usually really random.
Here are Some of the songs that remind me of or I associate with the people/events in my life:

(I REALLY wish I didn’t have an ipod crash and could sort by most played with accuracy right now)

Captain Pants – Feel that Fire – Dierks Bentley
Well this one is hard … we are both musical people who listen to lyrics and then apply them to ourselves. We also happen to be musical soul mates. When we first met it’s actually part of how we bonded … she likes just as much crap music as I do … if not more! But I’d have to say the first song that came to mind is above. She kept telling me about a song that was written about her … turns out it was written about me too. Now if we can just find the guys who wrote it .. we would be golden! YES! It’s a country song … but the lyrics are the important part. I have a bunch of songs that remind me of fun memories with her … but this one reminds me of her as a person.

Big Beef- Ain’t No Fun If the Homies Can’t Have None –The Dogg Pound
Big Beef is my oldest friend. We met the first week of 9th grade and while our lives are vastly different (She is a very strong Christian woman) we still know that no one knows us like the other one. When we were younger we were both rebellious little fuckers and we were defiantly partners in crime. As a Joke, we changed the lyrics to this song to make it for girls and put our names in it. We would sing it in her car and laugh the whole time. We thought it was hilarious! We did this with a lot of songs so it was really hard to choose one song. But then again at 13 we used to jump around on my couches using hair brushes as mics and sing “I feel good “ by James Brown too. Our idea of funny … is probably NO ONE elses.

My Mom – Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison
I have vivid memories of my Mom singing this song to my dog (who happened to be a golden/lab with brown eyes) in the kitchen while she made dinner. She did this often. It made me smile then and makes me smile now.

My Dad – Sittin on the dock of the bay –Otis Redding
There were 2 things my dad did for me when I was little that are still some of my best memories. 1. He held me up and pushed the gas on the Racecar game (I was too little to reach it and back them we had arcades, not game consoles) while I used the steering wheel. I was like 5 and the champ at that game! 2. He used to let me sit on his lap and let me think I was driving his truck. I was convinced I was … but the sad part about getting older is you look back on memories and realize you were pretty damn gullible. My Dad is a big Al green, Otis Redding Fan. I remember hearing this song a lot while “driving” his Chevy truck.

BFFEx- No Ceiling – Eddie Vedder
This one wasn’t hard at all! While I have several songs that remind me of him .. mostly Pearl Jam and Rolling Stones … the lyrics to this one are a 110% fit for us. He actually gifted me the Into The Wild Soundtrack during a rough patch in my life. Then we saw it performed live together which maybe one of the most special concerts I ever saw … and all of this was LONG after we broke up. I feel like the last line “This love has got No Ceiling” is very true for us. Our love of each other as people is always evolving. He recently told me I was his family … and that meant more to me then he will ever know. Especially since he doesn’t read this blog =)

EMOEx- Hold You In My Arms – Ray LaMontagne
EMOEx was the person I dated after BFFEx. I felt very broken when we started our relationship. NEVER a good thing … and I appreciate everything he did for me. He even watched me sob uncontrollably about my break up with BFFEx … and held me. What kind of guy does that? He is an amazing human being and literally changed my life. Don’t get me wrong .. we broke up for a reason … we didn’t work that way at all. And he is with what I believe to be his soul mate now … and I am very happy for him. He even chats with me on things he is gonna do for her and I actually help with ideas. I am genuinely happy for him! This song reminds me of him every time I hear it for this line “When you came to me with your bad dreams and your fears, It was easy to see you’d been crying”. It reminds me of how amazing he was with me! I would have NEVER put up with the crap I put him through …and I thank him secretly every time I hear it because he started me on the road to changing me.

Mr. Sunshine – Buttons – Pussycat Dolls
One day I picked Mr. Sunshine up to head down to Venice. As soon as he got in my car I said “Your going to hate everything on my Ipod” he tried to be polite and say it was fine. You see Mr. Sunshine is into underground Hip Hop and is not a Britney Spears fan like myself. For some reason my Ipod shuffled to the Pussycat Dolls SEVERAL times in about a 20 min time frame. The second time it put on Buttons, he said “OK that’s it!” and plugged in his IPod, Which made me laugh. Apparently my IPod likes to abuse everyone … not just me. Which I am thrilled he did because that is the day he played Asher Roth for me whom I happen to really like now. But every time this song comes on I laugh to myself thinking of his distain for the song!

Mr. Smooth- Crazy Bitch – Buck Cherry
One night Mr. Smooth and I had a long conversation about astrological signs. We got to the topic of Scorpios … especially Scorpio Woman. Which I am very familiar with. A few days later I decided this song was probably written about one and texted him the 411. Now every time I hear it .. I think of him and our long conversations about .. well anything and everything!

Anti-Pornstar- Whatever You Like – T.I.
Anti-Pornstar, Captain Pants, Myself and one other girl went to a concert. It was in B.F.E … but SO worth it! (A special thanks to Mr. Sunshine for the Tickets) We got a little tipsy at a killer show and then headed home. On the way home this song came on. 4 chicks were screaming it at the top of their lungs … it was so much fun, and comical! We also watched a bunch of music videos while in the car and drooled over boys. It was an awesome girl car ride .. and night for that matter!

Buffy Lover – Get Busy – Sean Paul
Buffy Lover is an old friend of mine as well. We bonded over our love of the TV Show Buffy the Vampire Slayer and would have Buffy Watching Nights together. She is all married with babies now … but I was there for her club days. Actually I’m here for both and what an interesting transition it’s been. She was a wild party girl then and an awesome mom and wife now. Im meeting her new addition in 2 weeks! Buffy Lover came and lived with me for a bit during the height of popularity for this song. We would go to our fav clubs, get drunk on Blue Hawaiians (Hey people … it was a long time ago!) and instantly hit the dance floor as soon as this song came on. We had a blast that unbearably hot summer!

The Alleged Ringleader- Get Money – Junior Mafia
The Alleged Ringleader writes on The Mean Girls guide to Glory .. and if you’re not reading it your missing out! She is Fab and Funny! A small fact most people don’t know … is we knew each other in high school. I have NO IDEA why I remember this but every time I hear this song I remember being in her car, ditching school, smoking cigs and driving through box canyon. I can’t remember where we were going or when the hell it was … but I do remember that. I think we had that damn song on repeat … funny enough, I still love that song. Before we reconnected via the amazingness of the internet … anytime I heard it I wondered what her and her old best friend were doing/up to now. Funny how that happens. And I will let her know something here I have never told her … she is the reason I had the courage to finally do a blog. I had said forever I was going to … then I read her’s and loved it! I figured if she was brave enough to do it .. then I can get off my ass, stop talking and do it too. So thank you Alleged Ringleader, without you there may have not been a Whoremotions.

Boy – Use Somebody – Kings of Leon
This may have been my toughest. We have had SO many phases to our friendship/best friends/ hanging out/friendship/ not talking to each other at all … it was hard to nail down 1 song. I actually have a full playlist that reminds me of him because we played it on a car trip. I almost felt inclined to do a song for each phase because I hate making decisions. Part of me wanted to pick the “mean” song because I’m still a little peeved at him .. but since I’m pretty much over it, it would just be focusing on something I don’t really feel anymore and he has apologized … which meant a LOT to me. He isn’t a big apologizer and I didn’t make it easy to do so. So I know he went out of his comfort zone for that. For the record the mean song isn’t that “mean” and is mostly about my frustration of not seeing him do the things he should be doing to make himself happy.

:::: FML, I just spilled coffee all over myself!! … so these will get shorter as I need to change :::

Lil Bro- Cold Hard Bitch – Jet
Lil Bro is not really my little brother, but he might as well be. He is one of my previous co-workers and dear friend. Many years ago … like 5 … I used to pick him up and bring him to work every day. At some point I found this song and loved it. Then he started requesting it in my car. We outplayed this song! We also had a lot of great conversations while listening to it.

Ex Flame #208- World Outside – The Devlins
(For the record #208 is NOT a real number .. I pulled it out of my ass, but since I named him that in my post about “I create Awkward Moments” … I figured I should stick with that) I would have thought my gut instinct on this one would be “The Blowers Daughter” by Damien Rice because he used to text me the lyrics. I had fallen in love with the song after he had forced me to watch the movie Closer … which I LOVED. Ex Flame #208 may be a pathological liar … which I have always known, but he has the best stories … so I kind of enjoy it. He’s fascinating! But at the same time … I find him a little … sad. There are several lyrics in this song that remind me of him.” And say you believe it, All of your lies, Tell me you feel it, And don’t compromise, oh no” Because I’m sure he does believe them all. “Your light in my dreams, Light up my skin” because he did a lot for my confidence level. I owe him tons of gratitude for that. He was the first man to every make me feel really beautiful and very sexy.

The Korean – I will Posses Your Heart – Death Cab for Cutie
You see the Korean has amazing musical taste. She always tells me about songs/bands I will like a year or so before I actually get around to doing so and proving her right. This happens to be one of those songs. I LOVE this song. By the time I have told her she converted me into a fan … she is way over it and has moved on to 100 more artist. Last time I checked she could run her itunes on shuffle for like 72 days or something insane like that.

BE Rad – Play – David Banner
BE Rad and I shared an office many years ago. When he first started with the company he drove me crazy! He would play this song constantly while I was trying to do business phone calls. If you have ever listened to the words it’s enough to make a veteran pornographer blush. Now I love it and it makes me laugh. He played it so many times … it grew on me .. like mold.

D O Double G – How to Survive in South Central – Ice Cube
D O Double G is an almost middle aged white guy from the middle of the US. He is a huge fan of gangster rap. He moved out to LA about a year ago. One of the first things he wanted to do when he got out here was go to Compton because he had heard so much about it in all of his favorite songs. I thought this was fairly comical and tried to explain it was probably not the best idea to go to Compton as a tourist. Well he did .. and he loved it! He has several pictures to prove it …

I could probably do this all day, but I’m still wet from the coffee! I also need to get ready to go to Big Beef’s Easter Dinner. We compromised … I could skip church if I made it to dinner! Which I wouldn’t have missed anyway … she makes the BEST deviled eggs!


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  1. I love this! I totally remember driving Box Cyn and listening to Get Money on repeat! I thought about it over the weekend and think we were probably either going to or coming from Jack’s house in Chatsworth lol!

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