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Adventures in Internet Dating: The Disappearing Act May 14, 2009

Ok. So, I am a bit behind on my internet dating blogs, but hey, life happens. Haha. Anyways, I have a date to talk about so here it goes.

A while ago (and I mean like months ago!) I went on a date with a guy that was 38. About a 13 year difference. I wasn’t too sure about it, but why the hell not. This whole dating thing is all about adventure anyways right?! So we meet up at this Mexican joint (points for him) with really good margaritas (extra points!). He gets there before I do (more points cause I wasn’t running late) put our name down and waits patiently for my arrival, haha. Actually, at this point I was driving around trying to find parking. I’m not the biggest LA/ Hollywood fan when I’m the one driving. Finally I say fuck it and park it Valet. Valet is my friend…most of the time. I get out and we meet out front. I notice he looked like his pics, but maybe a tad bit older looking. Side note: You know people put many pics on their profiles (at least those are the ones that I tend to answer back. I refuse profiles with one or sometimes two pics only!) and I’m usually drawn to one particular picture and hope that that was the recent one, or that they have decided to cut their hair back to looking like that and/or now dress like that… on a daily basis. Well, he didn’t look like the pic that I had picked out for him, but whatever.

So, we chit chat outside for a bit and then head in. I’m not gonna lie the place was cute and the margs were good. I should also mention that he has a 6 month old baby. This is not a problem for me. He was honest about it in the beginning on the profile and I like that. So, again we chit chat inside, he was good at keeping up conversation (which on first dates, I’m not the best at) and complimentary which was nice because he didn’t do it too much. You know the guys that compliment TOO much and it just ends up making you uncomfortable?! It’s like save some for date 2 buddy!!!

We talked about our love of wine, which is nice because it would be really great to find a guy that enjoys wine. Not only do I want the white picket fence and blue shutters, but I want the weekend trips to vineyards with fruit and sandwiches on a wide open green lawn with beautiful oak trees! Not asking much right?! So, mucho points there. We also have a common love for sushi (hard to find anyone who doesn’t know a days, unless they live under a rock!). I hate ginger and he loves it so it gave me another plate to put it on to get it off of mine, haha. The night ended fairly early, we both needed to work the next day (and by fairly I mean like 11pm, I still had to drive home an hour). He walked me to my car aka valet. Paid for my valet (POINTS!!!). He talked about us going for sushi the next week so he could steal my ginger. I said sounds great, we hugged and I got in my car and headed home. All in all the date was pretty good.

So, what happened when he called me a few days later… I didn’t answer. And then when he emailed me the day after that what happened….I didn’t answer that either. I just practically disappeared to this guy…*poof* gone! Why you ask? I have no idea to tell you the truth. The guy was great, but there was no spark. Do sparks exist anymore?! I’m starting to question or do I just fail at dating???


One Response to “Adventures in Internet Dating: The Disappearing Act”

  1. Promatching Says:

    Sparks do mean something! Simply, you din’t feel the chemistry. Although, from the looks and your writing, he seemed like a nice and honest guy. Maybe the age gap kept you from answering his calls and emails, and you don’t see your future together. Well, good luck next time.

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