… The Act of Being Whoremotional

Day 11 February 17, 2009

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What’s the Prize?


Trust your hopes, not your fears.

-David Mahoney (more…)


Day 10 February 16, 2009

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So, I stayed away from my worst enemies. It was pretty easy this weekend actually. Even with Valentine’s Day and everything.  I think I’m actually starting to feel better about things. I’m keeping a positive attitude about things and doing what I can to help others as well.


Whose Reality is it Anyway?


When things go wrong, don’t go with them.

-Anonymous (more…)


Day 9 February 15, 2009

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Day 8 was actually a really good day. I went out with a friend. Saw a movie and had a good time. I rarely ever stopped to think about the fact that it was Valentine’s Day and that I was single this year. Big deal, so what.


Shattering Illusions


Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.

-Carl Jung (more…)


Day 8 February 14, 2009

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Yesterday was good. Went to a friends birthday and actually acted as the DD. I stayed away from my own worst enemies, though I say a guy that I would have loved to have made out with for hours with, but at least I thought this with a sober mind. Today is Valentine’s Day and it’s not always easy to go out and see everyone paired off, but I will not sit at home. I will go out and about, do my thing and I will be ok.


You’re Making Me Uncomfortable


I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.

-Louisa May Alcott (more…)


Day 7 February 13, 2009

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So, Day 6 totally opened up my eyes. I have even started to use this positive manifesting towards other people. I met a guy that was going through a rough spot and seemed to be a little down and a little negative. I got into the conversation of the fact that he can’t think how he has been thinking. Positive thinking gets you positive results. I watched his face as he let that sink in. The next thing I knew I was getting hi-fived and there was a smile on his face. Yay me! I was excited to pass that way of thinking on. Now, on to Day 7.


Life 101


It is good to act as if. It is even better to grow to the point where it is no longer an act.

-Charles Caleb Colton (more…)


Day 6 February 12, 2009

Day 5 went well. I am still staying away fom my worst enemies. I have been going to the gym and not going crazy on comfort food, but if someone could get rid of all the cookies in the world that would be great. Thanks (in advance)! I have not been able to be so great in my journal, but I will definitely make up for it. On to Day 6.

Manifesting Your Beautiful Life

Don’t let other people tell you what you want.
-Pat Riley (more…)


Day 5 February 11, 2009

As far as Day 4 is concerned, this whole keeping a journal thing is pretty nice. Obviously having the blog is great too! But in my journal I get to put it all out on the table. I have had a journal before, but I forgot how good it is to just put it all out there. I am the kind of person that keeps things pretty much locked up until one day I totally explode. Writing things down in a journal just makes me feel like it has all been said. Having it said then makes me feel like I can then walk away from it and start looking at something else, not just dwelling on my certain feelings about something. I think keeping a journal is something I will keep up with even after these 30 days.

Being Your Own Best Friend

The wise don’t expect to find life worth living, they make it that way.
-Anonymous (more…)