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Songs To Slit Your Wrists To: The Kill February 13, 2009

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Let me tell you if you have never listened to the lyrics before here they are and it takes on a whole new meaning when oh so hott and tempting Jared Leto sings it acoustic. (more…)


Songs to Slit You Wrists To:Pretty Girl February 5, 2009

If there was a perfect song for my whoremotional situation, this would be it…

Pretty Girl by Sugarcult



Songs to Slit your Wrists to: You’re Not Sorry January 28, 2009

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I don’t do a lot of these but i found a song that has hit home for me. I think i maybe broken … i am listening to country! I know .. you too think i have lost it. You see Captain Pants plays it alot, she is all counry and shiz … and i can’t say some of that shit isn’t catchy after having it crammed down your throat. Scary, right?? Anyways several months ago she played this song for me … and i kinda blew it off, ehhhh country! Barf! Last week she gave me a “starter country” music CD. This song was on it. I listened to it alone in my car … and knew this was my next song update. Then i googled the lyrics and feel in love with the song more. I still think it would be better if say .. Dido did it or something. It could stand to be more angsty, but the girl is 16 … what the hell does she know about angst? Anyways, the song found me at a good time. I guess thats how somethings happen … they find you.

All this time I was wasting,
Hoping you would come around
I’ve been givin’ out chances every time (more…)


Songs to Slit Your Wrists To: I Can’t Make You Love Me January 20, 2009

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Ok, so I’m going a little old school with this one, adding a twist of country and blues. But no one says it better than my girl Bonnie. This song definitely has had some meaning for me in my life. Not only is it a beautful song, but it did help me to realize what a dead end I was in at one point and how I was fooling myself for the moment. One day driving to work after a huge blown out fight this song came on and I had never really listened to the words until that day (but have always loved it!) as they told me that I knew I had to let go eventually. This song was the first song that came on when I realized that that was that. So, pull out a good bottle of red wine for this one, it deserves only the best! (more…)


Songs to Slit Your Wrists To: Some Devil January 5, 2009

Love, love, love Dave Matthews. Wanna get me something for Christmas?!… I will take him! Gotta love his voice and songs. I suggest listening to this one with a glass of wine and relaxing in the jacuzzi on a nice crisp night. Not that I would know or anything..haha. Some Devil by Dave Matthews. (more…)


Songs to Slit Your Wrists To: Rough Hands December 22, 2008

Another one that means alot to me. I never really paid attention to the words until about 6 months ago and they never have meant so much. I also see what the person who played the song for me was going through after reading the lyrics. Rough Hands by Alexisonfire. (more…)


Songs to Slit Your Wrists To: Run December 19, 2008

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Miss Communication can back me up on this one. It’s very near and dear to me. The acoustic version is best. Run from Snow Patrol. The video is at the bottom too =)



Songs to Slit Your Wrists To: One December 12, 2008

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Time to get the ball rolling on this one again.. Remember, never “cut” alone. Always have friends who bring over wine..

Also, I strongly suggest the Warren Haynes version




Songs to Slit Your Wrists To: She Don’t want the World October 3, 2008

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We have a new feature column here at Whoremotions. Since this blog came from “songs to slit your wrists to” play lists. We decided we would start that feature.


and our first entry is … (more…)