… The Act of Being Whoremotional

The Cast of Whores September 3, 2008

These are the people that make up our lives:

BFFEx: This is one of Miss Communication’s 3 major relationships. I say 3 because you always have to count the first serious boyfriend. He is also the only Ex i have that i am totally truly friends with. It’s new for both of us to actually be friends with an ex, so we have our ups and downs.

EmoEx: Miss Communication’s EMOEx. He actually isn’t Emo because i wouldn’t date an Emo guy ..but he is seriouslly walking the line! We dated semi-serious for about 6 months and happen to work together. I realzied we wouldn’t work out about the time he decided he liked coffin couches …i am way too Pottery Barn for him.

HT:Captain Pants friend. Notice friend is not in quotes, so it’s not one of those. We have known each other for a while. We play the back and forth game. You know he goes back I go forth, he goes forth I go back. And then eventually one of us (one of us usually meaning me) finds someone else to occupy their time. I have recently come to realize that he is way more Whoremotional than I am!

Mr. Sunshine: This is a friend of Miss Communications. He is seriouslly talented and also in the Biz. We have been working together at my new company. He is also one of the few people in the biz i like to talk to because he loves the biz but also has outside interests. So we can talk shop but we can also talk about life in general, movies, etc. Although he is a pain in the ass when it comes to getting him to leave his house.

The “Artist”: Captain Pants’s Ex Fiance, almost starter, and we pretend to be friends. He is a tourchered artist in many ways and an artist at what he does relationship wise. In this case being an “artist” is not a good thing. And to any woman paying attention..quick tip.. if no one really likes him, one day you will wake up and you won’t either.

The Non: It is a term Captain Pants and i use for guys we are hanging out with for extended periods of time and are the major (if not only) guy in our lives at the time. But they arn’t at BF status.

The Starter: This is Miss Communication’s Ex Husband. He was my starter husband. I was young and knew nothing about marriage which ended in divorce.


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