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Songs to Slit Your Wrists To: I Can’t Make You Love Me January 20, 2009

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Ok, so I’m going a little old school with this one, adding a twist of country and blues. But no one says it better than my girl Bonnie. This song definitely has had some meaning for me in my life. Not only is it a beautful song, but it did help me to realize what a dead end I was in at one point and how I was fooling myself for the moment. One day driving to work after a huge blown out fight this song came on and I had never really listened to the words until that day (but have always loved it!) as they told me that I knew I had to let go eventually. This song was the first song that came on when I realized that that was that. So, pull out a good bottle of red wine for this one, it deserves only the best! (more…)