… The Act of Being Whoremotional

Self Inflicted Open Heart Surgery February 6, 2009

The headline couldn’t explain it better. So, recently my history has been back to open up old wounds. My last relationship which was a very long and drawn out one ended almost a year ago. I have moved on with my life and gone through everything in between. About a week ago, I decided to crash out early one night. I was awoken by my phone ringing with a very familiar number on it, but no name. I tiredly picked up the phone and it was my ex. Apparently he had been doing some drinking and thinking. The only thing I was thinking was where his girlfriend was while he was calling me. He instantly went into’ I really care about you” mode with the” are you ok’s” and “how have you been’s”. Of course I asked the same. We started chatting it up about old times of course and then he threw a curve ball at me. He told me that he still loved me very much, was in love with me and was ready to do whatever it takes to get me back. Are you still standing? Cause I wasn’t! (more…)