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Adventures in Internet Dating: The First Date December 27, 2008

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Ok sooooo I went on my first internet date!!! Let me give you some background first =)
P.S. This date took place a while ago, but I have just now had time to write about it, so the next few posts will come pretty quickly..haha

I had been going back and forth with this particular guy pretty much all day.  We just seemed to be hitting it off in the “what we are looking for in the future” discussion that was being presented. He was hot. Had a really cute dog and looked and sounded like a guy I could totally like. We started messaging back and forth for a bit and then he asked me out!!! Of course I said yes. He planned out a dinner (sushi..big points there) and a movie for our first date. After getting the date details squared away, the panic sunk in. I started freaking out! What if this guy wasn’t who he said he was?! What if he was some balding, old, fat man who wanted to slice my throat and throw me in a dumpster?! Oh no! Miss Communication and I needed a plan!! We conceived a plan that worked for both of us so that to make sure I ended up at home, breathing and alive. I would get to the resturant and text her, then text her 30 minutes later, text her when we left the resturant and after the movie. It wasn’t exactly fool proof (we will get better at this), but it worked for us. I think Miss Communication may have been more nervous about it then me. (more…)