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Waiting For My Sparkling Vampire December 3, 2008

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Yes I am!!! And I may be waiting a very long time! lol. Like Miss Communication said we hopped on the Twilight train and let me tell you, I am riding this thing until I see Edward waiting on the platform. haha. Is it possible to be in love with a fictional character?! I was totally in love with the character after the first book, then I saw the movie (which didnt compare, they never do) and Robert Pattinson was absolutely yummy!!! Where do I find him? When I do, can I keep him? I will totally lick him and claim him so it’s fair, I swear! Ok,wait…focus. Anyways, if you have read the books or seen the movie you will kind of get what I am trying to go for here. The character of Edward says (more…)