… The Act of Being Whoremotional

Random Thoughts #3 By Miss Communication February 1, 2009

So I am sitting on set bored out of my mind as usual. Can I please ask the world why there is Girl/Girl porn? It’s soooo freaking boring! Today isn’t too bad even though one of the girls made me mad yesterday. She waits until after I send out the call sheet to cast and crew to let me know she has a flight to catch that afternoon. No worries though since I am a ninja … I just changed the call time. I am making this sound much harder than it actually was. But it’s the point … they need to tell me crap like that in advance!

Also having a cough while being on set sucks. I am always trying to cough into my arm or shirt or hold it back so they don’t hear it on camera. “Ohh fuck be harder big boy! ::insert random phlegm cough from somewhere behind the camera :: yeah baby!” Not exactly sexy. Sadly I am sure someone somewhere right now is reading that thinking how hot it would be. Sick Phlegm perv!

I acquired a new skill recently. Well not really a skill … I am pretty sure no one would appreciate it being on a resume. I am THE clapper. My new company actually uses those black and white clapper boards with (more…)