… The Act of Being Whoremotional

Does it remind you? Aka I made a Music MeMe April 12, 2009

I recently asked for some blog topics on the Whoremotions Twitter account. I wanted to write but was too biggity to come up with anything. A follower suggested I post my current Playlist. I looked at my Playlist and decided I didn’t want to appear as boring as I am in print since I do a bang up job of it in real life. So I decided instead to kind of make it like a MeMe. Don’t worry I originally had to google the term at first myself. I’ll wait … Wikipedia has the best answer, as they always do.
Now that your back … I’ll continue. I have a strong connection to music and it often reminds me of certain people/events/places/etc. When my ipod is on shuffle in my car it will play something that randomly reminds me of these moments that happened in my life and yes, they are usually really random.
Here are Some of the songs that remind me of or I associate with the people/events in my life:

(I REALLY wish I didn’t have an ipod crash and could sort by most played with accuracy right now)



You’re a Judgmental Bitch, Ipod! November 13, 2008

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I have decided my Ipod is quietly judging me …well, not quietly. That bitch is actually loudly judging me. Let me explain why I think that sneaky Ipod is conspiring against me. Maybe there are others who are unaware their ipod is trying to ruin their life and if my story can save just one person … I have done my job. I have a sleek and shiny Ipod touch. I bought her myself so I could watch videos of Brittney Spears flat stomach dancing while on the treadmill, it makes me run faster and longer. I figured my Ipod would get cold and wanted to take good care of her so I got her a super spiffy Paul Frank cover that has skulls and cross bones in fab colors. I just knew she would love it! (more…)