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Random Thoughts by Miss Communication March 29, 2009

I haven’t blogged in a minuet … thought of a ton of things to blog about but well, life has caught up with me. Which is part of this post! Ohhh see how I tied that in? it’s like I’m really writer ….but totally different.

Maintaining Work, Family, Friends, Life and ME
I pray to god I’m not the only one with this problem, but I seem to have a really hard time balancing all the things in my life. I have to work the required 8-10 hours a day, go to the gym for an hour, eat 2-3 meals, handle my personal hygiene (which when you’re a lady … takes some time, sadly my legs don’t shave themselves!), get grocery shopping and general errands done, be a good daughter, be a fun friend, be a fabulous date, at some point get a bikini wax, nails did, hair cut, feed, water and groom my dogs …. (more…)


Porn Industry Water Cooler Talk February 24, 2009

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So what do people in porn talk about at the office water cooler? First of all we don’t have an office water cooler … we have lots of bottles of water though! People get dehydrated from sex ya know. Mostly it’s a mish mash of randomness, body parts, plastic surgery, things that make you laugh and your real life. Mostly we IM each other in the fab life of adult entertainment. Captain Pants and I IM each other from our separate offices all day long. Crazy I know … we chat all day, are roommates and still kick it on the weekends! I’m surprised we haven’t killed each other either.

I decided I would just paste today’s conversation to give the world some insight into our strange lives. This has not been changed at all. I only starred out names to protect the not so innocent. Enjoy!



Random Thoughts #3 By Miss Communication February 1, 2009

So I am sitting on set bored out of my mind as usual. Can I please ask the world why there is Girl/Girl porn? It’s soooo freaking boring! Today isn’t too bad even though one of the girls made me mad yesterday. She waits until after I send out the call sheet to cast and crew to let me know she has a flight to catch that afternoon. No worries though since I am a ninja … I just changed the call time. I am making this sound much harder than it actually was. But it’s the point … they need to tell me crap like that in advance!

Also having a cough while being on set sucks. I am always trying to cough into my arm or shirt or hold it back so they don’t hear it on camera. “Ohh fuck be harder big boy! ::insert random phlegm cough from somewhere behind the camera :: yeah baby!” Not exactly sexy. Sadly I am sure someone somewhere right now is reading that thinking how hot it would be. Sick Phlegm perv!

I acquired a new skill recently. Well not really a skill … I am pretty sure no one would appreciate it being on a resume. I am THE clapper. My new company actually uses those black and white clapper boards with (more…)


Fuck Me, I’m Famous! I Just got Interviewed January 21, 2009

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My fellow Blogger over at http://thecaplyst.blogspot.com/ had an Interview thing-y. First of all his blog is cool. He likes Anchorman … so he’s totally cool in my book. Third of all his blog is about cheating on his wife. It’s very interesting. Here are the interview questions he gave me.

And your questions are….

1. What was the first porn you ever watched and at what age?
To be honest I couldn’t tell you the name. I am going to guess some cheap compilation of some kind. I was 14 years old and had gone to the “movies” with my 3 best girlfriends. That was our trick when we were younger .. one persons mom would drop us off for dinner and movies at the mall and another’s mom would pick us up. We were actually meeting boys and getting into so much trouble I wonder how I made it past my teen years. If you ask my mom if I have seen the midnight showing of rocky horror picture show, she will tell you I am a huge fan and went to the showings all the time as a teenager. I still have never seen that movie. On this particular night we met up with some guys and one was old enough to drive and had a car (more…)


I purposely create awkward moments … January 13, 2009

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I purposely create awkward moments because I think they are funny, or so it seems. I read that on a bumper sticker and have since adopted it. I just got back from fabulous Las Vegas. I lie, i fucking hate Vegas. My industry goes once a year for our big trade show, Adult Entertainment Expo. This show is like football hell week for me. I usually end up hung over every day, living off of a total of 20 hours of sleep, red bull and cigs. Oh and I usually work my ass off! Then I come home and get sick. It is also the time of year I see almost every single person I have ever met in the biz. Here are some of my awkward moments from the show:

Ex Flame Run In #208:
Several years ago I had a several month “thing” with a guy in the biz. We had nothing in common except amazing sex and the fact he amused me with his stories. We would rent lavish hotel rooms and drink wine and eat chocolate cake naked in bed after several hour marathon sexcapades. He was the best in the world when it came to anticipation .. which is a highly underrated art form. We hadn’t seen each other in a long time. We decided to meet up this year just to say Hi! and play catch up. We ended up bumping into each other on the show floor first. We quickly ran over to each other hugged and then suddenly … (more…)


Sunday Funday: The Little Door, Whiskey Vibrator & The Future December 23, 2008

Since I have been running around like a crazy person for my job I decided to do something a bit more low key this Sunday. But on the positive side I can now make to Hollywood from my house, return stripper clothes/ purchase stripper clothes/ buy sex toys while doing agency calls and make it back home all in 54 minutes. My new job has finally made me be a ninja in Hollywood. I have even found the good parking lots. Due to all of this running around and lack of sleep from long hours on set I had been feeling like I was getting sick. Captain Pants had a Holiday Office Party she had to go to as our friends date, so I called The Korean to see if she wanted to have a mellow sunday girl’s night out. The Korean is my artsy friend. She is also a huge foodie and always seems to know exactly where to go..for well, just about anything. Never once have I gone somewhere with her that I have ever been before or in most cases, even heard of. Best of all I have LOVED each and every place! I had stumbled (more…)


The Married Guy just grabbed My Ass! December 20, 2008

My last several days were spent working on set with the new company I have been “trying on for size”. This new company has a whole new set of boys for me to ogle. It was me, one other girl and about 13+ guys on the crew. I already posted about the Art Boy who by the way was not gay at all and has a foot fetish! P.S. I have nice feet. If I stay at this company I get to see him 3 times a month for the next 6 months… yummy! Why does he have to live so fucking far? but I digress because this post is about a different boy on set.

Pants was kind enough to stop by and drop off some sugar free red bull since I desperately needed it (UNLIKE some people …Guilt via Blog, high five me!). She instantly sees me surrounded by a big group of hot boys when she (more…)


Holiday Blahs & Art Boys December 16, 2008

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I am the Christmas nazi! I am so that person that listens to non-stop Christmas music starting the day after thanksgiving, has the whole house decorated and is very competitive with the neighbors. This year I have been super blah! I have barely even realized it’s December. Maybe it was the lack of cold weather until this week .. hey i live in LA, it’s 72 & sunny here year round. Maybe it’s because i am in the middle of a lot of life changes. I just haven’t been able to figure out what my deal is this year.  Last night Pants and i headed out to do some shopping ..mostly for a porn set, but you know..we got some stuff too. While shopping for many things that not only included silver bikinis, douche, indian forehead jewels, lube and elf ears… i FINALLY felt the joy of christmas. All the (more…)


Random Thoughts/Updates by Miss Communication December 5, 2008

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I need to come up with a better name for these, but for now..this will suffice.

Fashionably Late, as always:
I know it’s like a week past Thanksgiving but I wanted to post a few things I am thankful for.

1.The Mushy Stuff – I am obviously very thankful for my family, friends, dogs, health and the roof over my head. My mommy is my #1 hero, she rocks! My girlfriends kick some major booty too. They are funny as hell, all have different interests and are (more…)


I FAIL and Excell … at a few things November 25, 2008

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So my last few days have been fairly interesting to say the least. Thursday I went to an adult Internet convention with a few homies. Then went to a bar with this guy I am hanging out-ish with. Hanging out-ish is best described as 2 people who are trying to figure out if they like each other “that way”. We always have fun with each other … so I guess it’s a good thing. But we aren’t touchy or anything yet … but we talk on the phone/text/im a lot. It’s odd.

Friday I was on set for my new company. It turned into a really LONG day but I had fun/horror as usual on set. Let’s see this day started really awkward…let me just give you the break down. (more…)


Random Thoughts By Miss Communication November 15, 2008

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Since my new gig doesn’t have much work for me right now, I am bored out of my mind. So I am blogging a lot. Go me! I should take the lack of work as a compliment because they are basically keeping me on because they will have more stuff for me to do in about 60 days and don’t want to lose me. But in the mean time, I am ohhh sooo bored! So here are some of my recent random thoughts, statements, musings, etc. Warning: Thoughts may change every 24 hours, or 12 minutes.

The EX Factor:
Being friends with Ex’s usually sucks at first and then works out. But something I have noticed, (more…)


Things I have learned from the Land O’ Porn November 13, 2008

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I have spent the last 10 years of my life working in Adult Entertainment, in the business sense of course. I have done everything from casting, production managing, selling product, marketing, “clean up on aisle 7”, event coordination and more. I know shocking porn is a REAL business. In this timeframe, I have learned a lot about people. When you work in such an open minded business people tend to speak their mind to you because they are sure you have heard and seen it all. This often leads to people/friends/strangers/co-workers/ committing many acts of TMI (Too much information). If you’re my friend, it’s still shocking (more…)