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Missed Connections.. The New People Watching December 10, 2008

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I have recently been introduced to the missed connections section of craigslist. I never knew they could be such a source of entertainment. Obviously, I’m sure they are everywhere, other than craigslist, but I can’t help and look at them every day now. Not that I’m searching for that hot stud in the Lexus that I saw on the 101N and I thought we shared a moment, so obviously he would go straight to his desk at work and put a missed connections ad out on craigslist just in case I read it. Otherwise he could never go on with his life not knowing if we could ever be! Nothing like that. hehe.
I truly enjoy seeing how some peoples mind’s works. Some are very sweet and remind you that romance is not dead. It’s kinda like the freeway signs that people put up that you see during your commute. I love those! It’s awesome to think that people do this. Sometimes I wonder why people don’t just talk to each other, but I (more…)