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Adventures in Internet Dating: You Sure Look Good in Text January 9, 2009

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I started talking to another guy on a site and we totally hit it off. I mean we once talked on IM for 5 hours!!!! I haven’t talked to anyone that long since jr.high. We just totally hit it off. He made me laugh, I like to laugh. He was sarcastic, I’m sarcastic. He had good taste in music, I have fabulous taste in music (in my mind). He started using corny lines, I love corny lines. He liked to text, I love to text. After about a few weeks of getting to know you’s, I thought for sure I was ready to meet this guy. We happened to connect during the holidays so meeting was a bit difficult. He had made the suggestion that we could go out on New Years Eve. I did hesitate for a while on that. I haven’t had a really good New Years in a while and I’m very picky on who I spend them with. I mean come on, it’s how you start the year off.  After a little bit of convincing, I decided why the hell not. So he made this whole agenda for the night that included everything we had been discussing for the past few weeks. I told Miss Communication the plan and due to my excitement, she sounded excited for me =) I was pretty stoked and excited to see how things were going to play out.  Though a part of me was upset that I wasn’t celebrating with Miss Communication and/or at some dive bar getting wasted! Haha.