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The Approach October 29, 2008

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For some reason I have recently received some of the worst pick up lines ever! They just seem to be coming in droves lately, but bar none … one of the ones I got in my recent travels was definitely in my top 5 (Maybe Top 3) of all time I am sure. Drum Roll … here it is:

“Every girl in this bar right now wants to at least blow me, except you. That makes me want YOU!”

Are you fucking kidding me with that? Has that or even a variation of that ever worked? What am I suppose to say to that. Oh my I had no idea, you poor thing! Women are throwing themselves at you and since I’m not it has hurt your precious ego. To think people are fighting world hunger, looking for a cure for cancer & wasting precious time on protecting our planet while you suffer the injustice on not getting blown by me! I admit, that’s a fucking tragedy! Let me (more…)