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Adventures in Internet Dating: The Profile December 20, 2008

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Welcome to Part 2 of my Internet dating adventure. Once I had decided that I was going to join a site, I would have easily decided against it if I had  known about all the damn questions I had to answer. I mean…they just kept coming! There were so many that I had to just sit there and think, is that really my answer or am I just trying to hurry through this thing?! After filling it all out I had to stop and think if maybe I’m not as easy to please as I thought. lol. Or maybe Disney (along with Twilight) has warped my mind into what I think may be the perfect guy, that doesnt really exist, and know I have ruined all chance to meet someone cool. I was waiting for the screen to tell me there are absolutely no matches due to the fact that I live in a dream world. I figured it would tell me to come back when I grow up and live in the real world. What do you mean you don’t have any sparkling vampires that yearn for my blood, but wont dare drink it and then turn that hate into love, to match me up with?! lol. Just kidding….maybe.