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Random Thoughts #3 By Miss Communication February 1, 2009

So I am sitting on set bored out of my mind as usual. Can I please ask the world why there is Girl/Girl porn? It’s soooo freaking boring! Today isn’t too bad even though one of the girls made me mad yesterday. She waits until after I send out the call sheet to cast and crew to let me know she has a flight to catch that afternoon. No worries though since I am a ninja … I just changed the call time. I am making this sound much harder than it actually was. But it’s the point … they need to tell me crap like that in advance!

Also having a cough while being on set sucks. I am always trying to cough into my arm or shirt or hold it back so they don’t hear it on camera. “Ohh fuck be harder big boy! ::insert random phlegm cough from somewhere behind the camera :: yeah baby!” Not exactly sexy. Sadly I am sure someone somewhere right now is reading that thinking how hot it would be. Sick Phlegm perv!

I acquired a new skill recently. Well not really a skill … I am pretty sure no one would appreciate it being on a resume. I am THE clapper. My new company actually uses those black and white clapper boards with (more…)


The Married Guy just grabbed My Ass! December 20, 2008

My last several days were spent working on set with the new company I have been “trying on for size”. This new company has a whole new set of boys for me to ogle. It was me, one other girl and about 13+ guys on the crew. I already posted about the Art Boy who by the way was not gay at all and has a foot fetish! P.S. I have nice feet. If I stay at this company I get to see him 3 times a month for the next 6 months… yummy! Why does he have to live so fucking far? but I digress because this post is about a different boy on set.

Pants was kind enough to stop by and drop off some sugar free red bull since I desperately needed it (UNLIKE some people …Guilt via Blog, high five me!). She instantly sees me surrounded by a big group of hot boys when she (more…)


I FAIL and Excell … at a few things November 25, 2008

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So my last few days have been fairly interesting to say the least. Thursday I went to an adult Internet convention with a few homies. Then went to a bar with this guy I am hanging out-ish with. Hanging out-ish is best described as 2 people who are trying to figure out if they like each other “that way”. We always have fun with each other … so I guess it’s a good thing. But we aren’t touchy or anything yet … but we talk on the phone/text/im a lot. It’s odd.

Friday I was on set for my new company. It turned into a really LONG day but I had fun/horror as usual on set. Let’s see this day started really awkward…let me just give you the break down. (more…)