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Songs to Slit your Wrists to: You’re Not Sorry January 28, 2009

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I don’t do a lot of these but i found a song that has hit home for me. I think i maybe broken … i am listening to country! I know .. you too think i have lost it. You see Captain Pants plays it alot, she is all counry and shiz … and i can’t say some of that shit isn’t catchy after having it crammed down your throat. Scary, right?? Anyways several months ago she played this song for me … and i kinda blew it off, ehhhh country! Barf! Last week she gave me a “starter country” music CD. This song was on it. I listened to it alone in my car … and knew this was my next song update. Then i googled the lyrics and feel in love with the song more. I still think it would be better if say .. Dido did it or something. It could stand to be more angsty, but the girl is 16 … what the hell does she know about angst? Anyways, the song found me at a good time. I guess thats how somethings happen … they find you.

All this time I was wasting,
Hoping you would come around
I’ve been givin’ out chances every time (more…)