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The Representative September 28, 2008

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It’s a lazy Sunday, I am eating Chinese food out of a to go box for breakfast and it is 3pm. Needless to say I went out last night. Luckily, though The Non made me the first good cup of coffee I’ve had in days since Captain Pants boned out to Mexico without me. You see she makes the coffee because I am strangely world’s worst coffee maker. I don’t just fail at coffee, I FAIL at coffee.

Captain Pants has been begging me to write this blog. So here it is in her honor, since she isn’t here and i miss her ass. She gets the Tequila, while i eat the leftovers!

The Representative is a term my EMOEx said once after my description of what it is. I have always talked about “The representative” but he gave it that name so I am giving him credit for it. Which is ironic considering he had one. (more…)