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I instantly regret asking to be interviewed February 5, 2009

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I forget how much Miss Communication knows me. I feel like I’m in a game of “never have I ever” with my best friend and Im instantly getting hammered!!! So, here we go. These are my interview questions from Miss Communication. Let the games begin!!

1. Name 5 things about your appearance you like? And why.
P.S. Miss Communication I hate you for this question. You know that I have been sitting on this question for a like a week! But here we go…
1. I like…my eyes. They are pretty cool. They change colors to match my mood and what I’m wearing. I swear. Sometimes they can be really blue and sometimes they are green. The coolest color they turn is turqouise, but that means I have been crying. I have never had a boyfriend get the color right when I ask what color are my eyes. Or if they are trying to tell me something sweet about my eyes, “your beautiful green, I mean blue, I mean what the hell color are they today!” Haha. Little secret…. (more…)


Life Lessons, Questions and Things That Make You Go WTF?! 2008 Wrap Up January 22, 2009

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Where the hell did the year go? And damn it couldn’t go quick enough! HAHA. That was definitely how my 2008 went. Both the worst and best year of my life. So much happened!! I started 2008 off being 3 months into my engagement and I end 2008, 6 months into my engagement being called off. CRAZY right?! Beginning of 2008, kept everything bottled up inside. End of 2008, have a blog. Beginning of 2008, my dad has cancer. The end of 2008, my dad is now a survivor of cancer. Beginning of 2008, have a fiance, two kids (his), two dogs, sitting around with his family playing loteria, trying to get kissed at midnight. End of 2008, have an awesome roommate, no kids, roommate has two dogs, sitting in a movie theater with the flu, trying to give the flu to my awful date at midnight. And the inbetween the beginning and the end is all that you can imagine that can happen from one extreme to the other. But I am so much happier at the end of 2008. So, like I said..Where the hell did the year go? And damn it couldn’t go quick enough! (more…)


Fuck Me, I’m Famous! I Just got Interviewed January 21, 2009

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My fellow Blogger over at http://thecaplyst.blogspot.com/ had an Interview thing-y. First of all his blog is cool. He likes Anchorman … so he’s totally cool in my book. Third of all his blog is about cheating on his wife. It’s very interesting. Here are the interview questions he gave me.

And your questions are….

1. What was the first porn you ever watched and at what age?
To be honest I couldn’t tell you the name. I am going to guess some cheap compilation of some kind. I was 14 years old and had gone to the “movies” with my 3 best girlfriends. That was our trick when we were younger .. one persons mom would drop us off for dinner and movies at the mall and another’s mom would pick us up. We were actually meeting boys and getting into so much trouble I wonder how I made it past my teen years. If you ask my mom if I have seen the midnight showing of rocky horror picture show, she will tell you I am a huge fan and went to the showings all the time as a teenager. I still have never seen that movie. On this particular night we met up with some guys and one was old enough to drive and had a car (more…)


Life Lessons, Questions and Things that make you go WTF?! of the Past Few Weeks December 5, 2008

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Recently, I was dating someone that I have known for a while and things had the potential to get serious. I took one step forward and he (let’s call him HT) took two steps back. I was ready and he wasn’t. Oh but wait, let me tell you that HT decides to tell me this (through text message) the morning that I was headed out on a work trip for 4 days where I will be surrounded by people, no time to myself, oh yeah and no service! For 4 days!!! I get a huge smack in the face and I can’t show any emotion as I’m in a van full of people and I CAN’T even call any of my best girl friends!!! Are you serious?!!! HT needed time to think. And here is the kicker, he said that he wasn’t sure if he could deal with the distance and not being able to see me everyday. Then he proceeded to tell me that he thinks we will be moving too fast!! I’m sorry, what?! Do you even know what you are talking about? (WTF?!). (more…)


Waiting For My Sparkling Vampire December 3, 2008

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Yes I am!!! And I may be waiting a very long time! lol. Like Miss Communication said we hopped on the Twilight train and let me tell you, I am riding this thing until I see Edward waiting on the platform. haha. Is it possible to be in love with a fictional character?! I was totally in love with the character after the first book, then I saw the movie (which didnt compare, they never do) and Robert Pattinson was absolutely yummy!!! Where do I find him? When I do, can I keep him? I will totally lick him and claim him so it’s fair, I swear! Ok,wait…focus. Anyways, if you have read the books or seen the movie you will kind of get what I am trying to go for here. The character of Edward says (more…)


“You’re like my own personal brand of Heroin” December 1, 2008

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Somehow I ended up in love with a 17 year old Vampire (well he is technically a 108 years old, so he is very mature for his age and that removes the whole “illegal” thing). Yes, I am one of those people who is very into the Twilight book series. It is pure and utter science fiction, aside from the obvious vampire thing. The book is about possibly the most perfect man on the planet and his unwavering love for a clumsy “plain jane” type of girl. I managed to get Captain Pants totally hooked on it too. I think my strange vampire fetish is starting to rub off on her. I have always had a thing for vampires … (more…)