… The Act of Being Whoremotional

Whorecabulary September 3, 2008

Can’t make sense of some of the blog? That’s probably because you need to brush up on your Whorecabulary

Civilian – This is what anyone who works in porn calls anyone who doesnt work in porn. You will often over hear …”Hey Kelly, i am dating a new guy …. he is really cool!” “Betty, that’s awesome is he a civilian?” “Why yes he is Betty, he works at a bank”

FML!! – Stands for FUCK MY LIFE. It works so much better then WTF!

Soundtrack to slit my wrist to-Ok, so we are not crazy! This is just the term we use for Whoremotional music that makes you feel certain things, maybe remember someone, specific times/events in your life (pretty much anything that makes your whoremotions go crazy).  You know the scene in Fear and Loathing when White Rabbit is playing when Depp and Benicio are trippin balls in the hotel room, well it’s kinda like that, but replace the guys with girls, the drugs with emotions, ‘white rabbit’ with ‘how do I live’ and you kinda get the same effect…but totally different!

Science Fiction What the whoremotional wonder twins (Miss Communication and Pants) think all romantic comedies, sappy love stories and any movies with Whoremotional/Fantasy Driven plots should be re-catergorized to. Blockbuster just needs to go and swap the signs!

The Representative The person your dating before you meet their REAL personality.

Taxi Cab Light It’s when a guy gets to that point in his life when his “on duty” light goes on for marriage, family, etc.


One Response to “Whorecabulary”

  1. ExMi Says:

    The Representative – that is so fucking true. I’m glad someone finally put a name to that phenomenon!

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